Fairfax City Special Election: David Meyer

Fairfax City Special Election: David Meyer


David Meyer

The City of Fairfax needs a strong, effective mayor to lead the Council in completing its 2035 Comprehensive Plan, getting the two approved redevelopment projects started at Fairfax Circle and Kamp Washington, and protecting existing neighborhoods from increased density and traffic congestion. As mayor, I will lead the Council to finalize the Comprehensive Plan so that the City will have a clearer path forward in addressing several other proposed development projects that have either been submitted to the City or are contemplated by the development community.

Additionally, I will ensure the completion of the City’s first Multimodal Transportation Plan, which will guide the City Council in addressing comprehensively the issues of traffic congestion, optimizing our CUE bus system for maximum connectivity to the County Connector, Metrobus, and the Metro rail system. I will explore the idea of a Bike Share project between George Mason University and Old Town Fairfax to strengthen the connectivity between GMU and the City. As Mayor, I will lead the Council and the community to address the issue of housing in all its forms, with a particular focus on creating high-quality senior housing, workforce housing and other affordable housing – all consistent with our Comprehensive Plan.

In June 2016, I retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission after 37 years of service, the last 15 as a member of the Senior Executive Service. I have successfully led varied groups of talented leaders in many circumstances in my professional life. Through this experience, I have gained an understanding that, as a leader, it is critical to listen with integrity and benefit from the wisdom and insight of others.

I realize that, as our mayor, I must be both a leader who shares a strategic vision and, at the same time, a team player with the ability to rally the team. I practice leadership by example, motivating myself and others, while being grounded in personal values honed over many years of professional and personal experience.

Over my 36 years of living in our City, and especially during my 8½ years on the City Council, I have gained a broad and deep understanding of our citizenry, the values we share, as well as our differences, and how these shared goals and varied visions for our future blend together to create our civic tapestry. In leading our Council and community in the nuts and bolts of governing, I value data and empirical information to help sharpen our focus and inform our decision making.

I also affirm the critical importance of citizen engagement and outreach. We must communicate fully, but also effectively, so the greatest number of persons has the broadest perspective possible, resulting in decisions that are most optimal for both the near-term and for many years ahead.