Letter to the Editor: Inappropriate Topic?

Letter to the Editor: Inappropriate Topic?

My wife and I are avid readers of the Mount Vernon Gazette for many years and appreciate the local reporting we receive every week. One recent article, “Scholar to Address Scouts,” [Feb. 9-5] was especially disturbing to me. However, I appreciate the Gazette publishing the article. I find it extremely disturbing given our current political divisive environment for the Boy Scouts to invite a scholar to encourage resistance. Instead of presenting a theme of unity during these troubled times, C.R. Gibbs, a noted and respected speaker on an “array of historical topics” will present a lecture on “Let Your Motto Be Resistance, Great Slave Revolts.” This presentation, to impressionable young boys, is ill timed in my opinion. Wouldn’t it be better for Mr. Gibbs, to tap into his vast knowledge and demonstrated expertise on historical topics to speak on another subject? Perhaps a presentation inspiring an interest in history might be more appropriate.

Steve Ayers

LTC, US Army (Ret)