Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Stressful 100 Days

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Stressful 100 Days

If you're one of over half a million Virginians with a pre-existing health condition, the 1st 100 Days of the Trump Administration were stressful enough to aggravate that condition.

After failing in its effort to cut 24 million Americans from Obamacare, the White House now says it now has the votes to get a bill through the House that will allow states to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Do you think the same lawmakers who voted to mandate an ultrasound for women seeking abortions will want to pay for my or my daughter's pre-existing health conditions?

Without insurance, it would cost about $1,000 a month to buy the pills that keep my daughter alive. She suffered a stroke in utero and needs two Epilepsy medications to keep her from having grand mal seizures.

She also has serious mental health issues.

I’ve had breast cancer and would go without health insurance if I had to, but that’s not an option for my daughter. With each new report of Republicans toying with the mandate to cover pre-existing health conditions, I do the mental math to determine how long her Dad and I could pay $12,000 a year for her meds. And that doesn’t include expensive hospitalizations for a life threatening seizure like she had last March.

Meanwhile, Trump spends $3 million in taxpayer dollars each time he visits his posh resort in South Florida to play golf. That money could be spent saving people’s lives that need help paying for health care. Please call your representative in Congress. Tell them to fight hard against any effort to weaken coverage for pre-existing health conditions.

Linda Falkerson