Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Voting ‘Yes’ on School Bond

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Voting ‘Yes’ on School Bond

A unique thing about the Commonwealth of Virginia is that we have an election every year. While there may be differences over which party to support at the ballot box on Nov. 7, one thing voters on every part of the political spectrum can support is our children and Fairfax County Public Schools.

On the ballot in Fairfax County this year is a bond for $315 million worth of capital improvement projects for Fairfax County Schools in every community across our county. This year's bond will have a huge impact in Providence District, as the largest project in the bond is the renovation of Oakton High School — a $93 million project.

Our county schools are a $5.2 billion asset that are key to the future vitality of Fairfax County ... while also providing an average of $100,000 in additional home equity to Fairfax County residents. In order to preserve what is for many of us our biggest investment, we need to make a continued commitment to our school system. Modern facilities allow for state of the art learning, in addition to attracting and retaining the best teachers who are able to capture the attention and imagination of our students. Importantly, all of this is achieved without raising taxes.

By voting yes on the School Bond referendum, you are voting yes to the continued success of Fairfax County. On Nov. 7, please be sure to read the entire ballot and vote yes on the School Bond Referendum.

Sam Leiber