Opinion: Letter to Editor: A Quality Candidate

Opinion: Letter to Editor: A Quality Candidate

— To the Editor:

The recent Gubernatorial Election has once again brought out the worst in all candidates and in both parties. The lies, misrepresentations, accusations and exaggerations made by both the Democratic and Republican candidates set an all-time low for Virginia politics. At least we did not have to look at the thousands of campaign signs which are normally implanted in every stretch of public green space in the city.

One exception to this was a candidate for which I saw a few discretely-placed signs and observed no negative campaigning — someone named “PUMPKINS, Seminary & Quaker.” I do not know which political party Mr./Ms. Pumpkins represented, nor do I know anything of Mr./Ms. Pumpkins’ platform, political beliefs or goals.

I did not even see Mr./Ms. Pumpkin’s name on the ballot, but based on the civility of this candidate’s campaign, I wrote in the name “PUMPKINS, Seminary & Quaker” when I voted. The Commonwealth needs more candidates of this quality and character.

M. T. Monson Jr.