Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Genuine Leader

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Genuine Leader

Ed Gillespie has lived the American Dream. His father was brought to America by his grandfather, who found work here as a janitor. Ed’s parents ran a grocery store, and he worked there as a young boy stocking shelves and sweeping floors. Ed worked his way through college — including as a Senate parking lot attendant — and eventually became counselor to the President of the United States. His life experience has made him the man and leader he is today, and proves again the greatness of this country.

I have known Ed for many years now. What you see is what you get — he is genuine, compassionate, steady and wise. He is a talented and dedicated public servant, as well as a loving husband and father. He cares passionately about our nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

My family and I live in Alexandria. As a working mother of three children, I know the decisions our next governor will make will greatly impact their futures. I trust Ed’s judgment completely. He will make the right decisions for Virginia. He is committed to putting forward policies that ensure the same opportunities he had — and even greater ones — exist for future generations of Virginians.

Ed will work to unify our Commonwealth as he moves us forward. He will be a governor for all Virginians. I will cast my ballot for Ed, and I urge you to do the same.

Susan Butler