Commentary: Residents Notified of Deer Hunt Program

Commentary: Residents Notified of Deer Hunt Program

The Fairfax County Deer Management Program has been successfully implemented each year since 1998, without incident, to manage the substantial white-tailed deer population. The primary purpose of the program is deer population control on public parklands and the program accomplishes the following: protecting human health and safety, reducing environmental damage, conserving biodiversity and maintaining healthy deer herds.

Archery continues be the primary method utilized by the county for deer management. Bowhunters must have extensive experience and apply to participate in the program; once they have gone through a comprehensive review process, they may set up in elevated tree stands at least 100 feet from a visible property line and 50 feet from a park trail.

For Mount Vernon residents near these areas, notification began by mailed letter to immediate park neighbors in late July outlining the plans for the upcoming archery program. County staff also held two Public Information Meetings for the Deer Management Program in August, including a meeting on Aug. 15 at the Mount Vernon District Station. This meeting was advertised in my Mount Vernon Advisor July newsletter, via electronic reminders, and the notification letter that was mailed to park neighbors. My office has received many emails of support for the program, as well as a few with program concerns.

If your homeowner’s association or civic association have any comments about the program, you are always welcome to contact my office at or at 703 780-7518 or visit for more information about the program. We will respond to your communications within two business days or less. I also encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and notices so you can stay informed of District and County activities by visiting my website at