Vienna Police Highlights

Vienna Police Highlights

The following summary contains various incidents of general interest as well as vehicular crashes handled by the Town of Vienna, Virginia Police Department from April 13 – 19, 2018.


Vehicle Tampering -- 800 Block Meadow Lane, SW Between April 12 at 2 p.m. and April 13 at 7:39 a.m. A resident advised an unknown person entered her unlocked vehicle and scattered the contents of her glove box and center console. It does not appear that anything of value was taken.

Vehicle Tampering -- 600 Block Truman Circle, SW Between April 12 at 9:30 p.m. and April 13 at 9:09 a.m. A resident reported that an unknown person rummaged through his vehicle. He believes a pair of sunglasses may have been taken.

Suspicious Person -- Peterson Lane Park 500 Block Malcolm Road, NW April 13, 9:57 a.m. A citizen reported a juvenile in the park possibly having some type of medical emergency. Officers located the juvenile. After determining she was not in any type of medical distress the officers transported the juvenile back to Madison High School where she was turned over to the school administrators.

Domestic Dispute -- Old Courthouse Road, NE April 13, 1:03 p.m. Officers responded for a domestic dispute between a father and his teenage daughter. The daughter left the home prior to officer’s arrival.

Fraud -- Rite Aid 215 Maple Avenue, West Between April 13 at 6 p.m. and April 14 at 2:11 p.m. An unknown man purchased several gift cards at Rite Aid. It was later determined the purchases were made on credit cards without authorization.

Animal Case -- 1400 Block Patrick Circle, SW April 13, 7:21 p.m. An officer responded for a report of a resident’s dogs acting aggressively. Investigation showed the dogs were simply greeting their neighbors by barking and never left their property. The resident was advised to keep the dogs leashed when they are outside of a fenced area.

Domestic Dispute -- Moorefield Creek Road, SW April 14, 12:59 a.m. Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. The wife was upset with her husband for keeping his bedroom window open and fan on and wanted him to choose one or the other. The officer advised the wife the husband had a right to use fans in his room.

Narcotics Violation -- Niblick Drive and Maple Avenue, SE April 14, 7:05 a.m. MPO Lose initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle traveling above the posted speed limit. Upon his interaction with the driver the officer detected an odor of marijuana. No measurable amount of marijuana was located in the vehicle. The driver was released on summonses related only to traffic offenses.

Found Property -- 1300 Block Desale Street, SW April 15, 9:13 a.m. A Town employee stopped an officer to turn in a purse he had found near the bleachers at Southside Park.

Narcotics Violation -- 500 Block Creek Crossing Road, NE April 15, 12:51 a.m. Officer Williams observed a vehicle with defective equipment and initiated a traffic stop. Upon his interaction with the five juvenile occupants the officer detected an odor of marijuana. A measurable amount of marijuana and paraphernalia were located in the vehicle and were determined to belong to the driver. The four passengers were released to a parent. The driver was released to the custody of her mother with petitions pending for the marijuana possession.

Petit Larceny -- The Fresh Market 150 Branch Road, SE April 14 between 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. A citizen advised her wallet was stolen from her purse while she was shopping in the store.

Found Property -- 100 Block Tapawingo Road, SW April 15, 1:18 p.m. A resident found several opened packages around her house that appeared to be deliveries for her neighbors. Officers were unable to make contact with the neighbors at that time. The packages will be held at the police department until the neighbors can be notified.

Open Door -- 100 Block Tapawingo Road, SE April 15, 2:27 p.m. While investigating another call Officer Deloach found an unsecured rear door at a residence. Officers searched the residence, finding that nothing appeared out of place.

Grand Larceny -- 1000 Block Moorefield Creek Road, SW Between April 15, 6 p.m. and April 16, 9 a.m. A resident advised an unknown person entered his vehicle and stole his work uniform and toolbox.

Emotionally Disturbed Person -- Fairway Drive, NE April 15, 8:20 p.m. A resident requested assistance in dealing with his juvenile son who was acting aggressively. After speaking with the officer, the juvenile was transported to an area medical facility for assistance at his own request.

Fraud -- 300 Block Church Street, NE Between April 16, 12 p.m. and April 17, 12 p.m. An unknown person used the resident’s personal information.

Death – Unknown Cause -- 1100 Block Ware Street, SW April 16, 12:34 p.m. Officers responded to assist rescue with a 22-year-old man who was unresponsive in his home. The man was transported by rescue personnel to an area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. There was nothing found at the home that appeared suspicious or that would indicate a cause of the medical emergency. This case is being investigated.

INOVA Urgent Care 180 Maple Avenue, West, April 16, 5:43 p.m. Officers responded to assist rescue with a juvenile who was suffering a medical emergency after taking medication. The juvenile was transported to an area hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Suspicious Person -- Taco Bell 362 Maple Avenue, East April 16, 10:28 p.m. Employees requested assistance with a man who had been in the lobby of their restaurant and was refusing to leave. Officers found the man to be intoxicated. Fairfax County Detox responded and transported the man to their facility for treatment.

Police Service -- Vienna Police Department 215 Center Street, South April 17, 10 p.m. A citizen came to the police department to report an accident he was involved in earlier in the week. The accident occurred in the area of Maple Avenue and Courthouse Road, SW. Both drivers had exchanged information and decided not to involve the police at that time. It appeared the citizen’s vehicle suffered very minor damage and the other driver appears to be cooperating with him.

Suspicious Event -- Giant Food 359 Maple Avenue, East, April 18, 4:17 p.m. An employee advised a recently terminated employee made threats regarding the store. An officer spoke to the ex-employee advising her that she has been trespassed from the store and would be charged with trespassing if she returned. The store management was advised of the process should they choose to obtain a warrant or protective order.

Civil -- Long & Foster 309 Maple Avenue, West April 19, 10:42 a.m. MPO Lose responded to assist with a civil dispute between a citizen and an employee.

Petit Larceny -- 200 Block Cedar Lane, SE April 19 between 12 p.m. and 7:22 p.m. A resident reported the theft of packages that were delivered to his residence.


500 Windover Avenue, NW -- April 10 3:23 p.m. Vehicle-1 was pulling onto the roadway from a parked position. Vehicle-2 was westbound on Windover Avenue and was unable to stop before striking Vehicle-1. The collision resulted in Vehicle-1 then striking Vehicle-3 which was legally parked and unattended.

Ayr Hill Avenue near Lawyers Road, NW -- April 10 5:33 p.m. Vehicle-2 was traveling westbound on Ayr Hill Avenue stopped in traffic for the stop sign at Lawyers Road. There was another vehicle directly behind Vehicle-2, then Vehicle-1. Driver-1 thought the vehicle in front of him was turning right onto Lawyers and attempted to go around him to turn left. Driver-1 did not see Vehicle-2 and struck the front left corner causing minor damage to both vehicles.

100 Church Street, NW -- April 10, 6:23 p.m. Vehicle-1 was attempting to make a left from a parking lot onto westbound Church Street, NW. Pedestrian-1 was walking across Church Street outside of the cross walk when Vehicle-1 struck her at a low rate of speed. The pedestrian was transported to an area hospital by rescue personnel with non-life-threatening injuries.

136 Maple Avenue, West -- April 11 between 12 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. A citizen reported that her vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle after she left it legally parked in the parking lot. Maple Avenue and Beulah Road, SE

April 15, 6:58 p.m. Vehicle-1 was traveling eastbound on Maple Avenue. Vehicle-2 had a green traffic signal and was entering the intersection of Beulah and Maple from the shopping center parking lot. Driver-1 proceeded into the intersection on his red signal and struck Vehicle-2. Driver-1 was issued a summons for Failure to Obey a Traffic Signal.

Maple Avenue and Lawyers Road, NW -- April 19, 9:25 a.m. Vehicle-2 was stopped for a red traffic signal on westbound Maple Avenue in the left turn lane. Vehicle-1 was turning left onto Maple from Lawyers Road. Driver-1 made the turn too short and struck Vehicle-2. A passenger in Vehicle-2 suffered minor injuries. Driver-1 was issued a summons for Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention.