Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Peace in Their Hearts

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Peace in Their Hearts

One of the delights of the Christmas season is seeing the decorations in Old Towne. It’s especially pleasing that “Appomattox,” a downcast figure, brightens up with a wreath in December. This year the statue presented one for about a week, and then it disappeared.

Curious, I inquired what had happened. This is what I learned.

Because “Appomattox” is mute, he was pleased to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by displaying a wreath on his pedestal. Doing so has been his custom for many years, aided by some nice people who fix it there for him. He is sorry that someone came this year with wire cutters and removed it, not at his direction and to his great disappointment because he enjoys bringing happiness to all who pass by. He hopes that the heart of whoever took it will be made glad during the holiday celebrations when seeing it displayed at another place.

“Appomattox” wants all to know he does indeed wish everyone joyous celebrations and hopes they will experience the peace in their hearts of which the angels sang to the shepherds — and to all of us. I join him in that wish!

Ellen Latane Tabb