Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Successful Holiday Adoption Program

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Successful Holiday Adoption Program

Homestretch is a place where homeless parents with children go to turn their crises into opportunities. We work with our families to ensure each parent acquires skills and education, reduces debt, repairs credit, builds savings and restores health; and provide services for their children to ensure they are safe, happy and flourishing in school.

As a way of rewarding these families for their hard work, each family gets “adopted” for the holidays. They receive a full Thanksgiving meal, and at Christmas they get a bounty of gifts based on wish lists that they provide. This holiday adoption program is a wonderful blessing for the children but it also assures the parents that their hard work is leading to a far better life down the line.

Holiday adopters are local individuals, churches, businesses or civic groups who choose to do this as their way of supporting Homestretch.

For a mother escaping domestic violence or human trafficking, to see her children cared for in this way at Christmas by a group of caring strangers can be a profoundly moving experience, something that they remember for the rest of their lives. One mother remarked, “I never knew there was such love in the world.”

On behalf of Homestretch, we thank all those who donated funds and volunteered time to bring so much joy to the families we serve.

Christopher Fay

Executive Director