Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Fed Up with Plane Noise?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Fed Up with Plane Noise?

Are you fed up with airplane noise from the FAA’s NextGen “super highway-in-the-sky” over our Mt. Vernon communities, and despairing of this worsening assault on your neighborhood environment?

Then take heart! You can learn about two new recommendations that the FAA is considering to help resolve the current aircraft noise problem.

The recommendations are a positive and exciting outcome of ongoing deliberations by the Reagan National Airport Community Noise Working Group and have the strong support of Supervisor Dan Storck, the Mt. Vernon Council of Citizen Associations, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and our state and federal elected officials. You will be able to meet and chat with technical aircraft noise expert Mike Rioux, who represents the Mt. Vernon area on the Noise Working Group, by visiting the MVCCA table at the upcoming Mount Vernon District Town Meeting, this coming Saturday, Feb. 3 at Mount Vernon High School, 8515 Old Mt. Vernon Road, Alexandria.

Judith Lean