Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Campaign Donations

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Campaign Donations

Many people decry the influence of money in politics. Since the U.S. Supreme Court decreed, mistakenly I believe, that money is free speech, our political system is awash in cash and it can be a corrupting force.

Something can be done, however. Candidates can refuse contributions from individuals or corporations that are doing business before their elective bodies. In the current Alexandria mayoralty contest Mayor Allison Silberberg has declared she will not accept money from persons — including developers and their lawyers — who have business before City Council.

Perusing the first financial reporting from her challenger, Justin Wilson, it is clear he has no such compunctions. He already has taken money from individuals known for having business interests involving the city and City Council.

To their credit, several candidates for Council seats have joined Mayor Silberberg in refusing such contributions. Perhaps Mr. Wilson should rethink his position, do as other candidates have done, and turn back such money.

Ernie Lehmann