Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gesture of Kindness

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gesture of Kindness

After a heavy day at work in D.C. and a grueling Metro ride on the Red Line not unlike sardines in a can, with, on top of it all, my cellphone down and thus unable to see whether my bus was yet to arrive or already left, I ran out of the King Street Metro Station in hopes I was still on time to catch it. But no, from the empty benches in front of my bus stop I could easily deduce that the bus had already left. I was doomed to another 20 minutes sitting on a bench in the cold, waiting for the next bus to take me to my temporary home.

And then, out of nowhere, a little man stood in front of me, saying something I could not immediately understand. Dead tired, all I wanted was for the little man to go away. He came closer to me and said, “Don’t you recognize me? I am your bus driver, the one who always lets you go in front of the bus to cross the street. I saw you run, and I have come to get you, so you can take my bus.”

Incredulous, I stood there, not quite realizing what exactly had occurred. This wonderful bus driver had started to drive away and, looking into his side mirror, recognized the figure who was me running to see if she could still catch the bus. Even though well on his way, he stopped the bus, got out of the bus and walked back to come and get me.

I was stunned and grateful beyond words.

In a world so full of hatred and divisiveness, this incredibly thoughtful gesture of kindness deserves to be told. Thank you, wonderful bus driver! Yes, there are still wonderful people in this world, but this person beats many!

F. Schreuder

Lake Monticello, Va.