Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Cowardice and Complicity

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Cowardice and Complicity

I'm one of the lucky parents. Like most parents, I worked hard during the 18 to 20 or so years it takes to raise my children, educate them, instill values, help them become productive adults and, hopefully, parents themselves. All those playdates, sports practices, trips to the library, school events, college visits, illnesses, successes, and disappointments we gladly work through, enjoy, suffer through, and, if we're lucky, our children actually survive and move on. I can think of nothing worse for parents than to have their child, their gift to the future and image of themselves, taken horribly before his or her time.

A parent should never outlive his child. Even a nuclear holocaust is preferable, because then we'd all die, and the parent would not have to pretend to celebrate the memory of what might have been had the promise of this nation been kept. That's right, the core promise of this nation is embodied in our elected representative's oath of office to protect its citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I call out every Republican in Congress and the President and Vice President for violating their oath, sworn on a bible. If they had any integrity, they would resign. There is a moral duty to act to save a life when you have the opportunity, ability and means. Failing to act is cowardice, and worse, complicity.

Les Halpern