Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Less Talk and More Action

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Less Talk and More Action

The recent shooting of a police officer in Prince George’s County offers the most striking example of why teachers should not be expected to bring weapons to class to protect students. If a police officer, who is skilled in using a weapon, enters a home with an awareness of an impending life-threatening situation is killed by the assailant, how can a teacher, with limited weapon experience, be expected to react to a spontaneous life-threatening situation? He or she can’t maintain perpetual vigilance. What if the teacher mistakenly kills a person who is making threats but has no weapon? This too has happened with police officers. Who assumes this liability?

The NRA would like everyone to carry a gun. More profits for gun dealers. Yet what have any of the gun advocates done to help families who have lost their loved ones or to help injured victims. They simply become very devout and patriotic, offering their prayers and preaching their rights.

They should put their money where their mouth is. If they won’t do this, it confirms their lack of compassion for these victims and perhaps the need to heavily tax bullets to fund programs of compensation to victims, security measures, etc.

If legislators are too intimidated by the NRA and other gun advocates to enact any gun control measures, yet are comfortable in raising taxes, then taxing ammunition might be a good start in passing some of the cost of these programs on to the users, just like other citizens pay tolls for roads.

Elaine Miletta

Fairfax Station