Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Set Aside Some Green Space

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Set Aside Some Green Space

An open letter to the Arlington County Board.

I have lived in Arlington on and off my entire life. Since 2011, my wife and I have live on 25th Street near Marymount University. We have put roots down deep in Arlington including raising our two boys (age 5 and 8). And yes, like most, we have paid a lot of county taxes. We vote and are active members of our neighborhood and school communities both in person and online.

I am writing to you today to express my deep consternation about the county’s proposed plan to eliminate trees and green space at Dominion Green in order to build a new and larger salt storage facility. While I appreciate the need to have safe and adequate storage for winter salt, this proposed action would be a slap in the face of residents of the Old Dominion and Lee Heights taxpayer, and even more destructive than the much maligned fire station proposal of recent times.

Like many of my neighbors and especially those with children, I often wish that our neighborhood had the type of green, family-friendly play spaces that Arlington is known for. Sadly, there are no parks of this sort within easy walking distance of my home. It would be truly wonderful if the area near the salt dome could be utilized in such a manner and preferably with minimal destruction of the mature trees and surrounding natural area.

I and many of your constituents will be paying close attention to the board’s behavior and decision regarding this last vestige of major green space in our community. Please — do the right thing. I thank you for your hard work and service to my beautiful and amazing hometown.

Zachary J Rodman