Letter to the Editor: Committed to Helping People

Letter to the Editor: Committed to Helping People

Until I found Alexandria’s Together We Bake, I was alone and lost. I was a single mother of three without a job or a safe place to call home. I was struggling to get by. My life had not been easy being a survivor of abuse.

Together We Bake is a non-profit, job training program for women and like they have for so many others — they gave me a second chance. The program is centered around a baking business where women in need learn food production, business administration, and life skills that help them move toward self-sufficiency. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, an Alexandria City Council candidate, helps lead Together We Bake and inspires women in our program to not let the trials and tribulations of the past define us. Elizabeth helps us realize that we are not victims or disadvantaged; we are conquerors, achievers, and survivors.

Elizabeth is running for City Council because there are so many others in Alexandria that are facing the same struggles Together We Bake women have experienced. Like women in our program, Alexandrians are struggling to find affordable housing, stable employment, and a high-quality education for their children. Elizabeth has knocked on thousands of doors in the city trying to give individuals in need of those services a voice.

Alexandrians need Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, and her commitment to helping people, on City Council. On June 12, we have an opportunity to elect her and ensure Alexandria has more conquerors, achievers, and survivors.

Colida Johnson

Together We Bake graduate and employee