Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance of Working Together

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance of Working Together

At the Nov. 17 meeting of City Council where a matter of importance to the residents of Seminary Hill was being discussed (a proposal to build a large affordable housing building in the neighborhood) Council Member Tim Lovain stated from the dais that the Seminary Hill Association opposes all development in our area and even opposed the redevelopment of the Safeway at King and Braddock. As the representative who was presenting the viewpoint of the Seminary Hill Association at the time, I would like the opportunity to respond.

Contrary to Councilmember Lovain's view, the Association did not oppose the Safeway project — we did, as is our responsibility — raise concerns about delivery truck cut-through, and increased traffic congestion at a tight traffic choke point. Concerns which have proved valid. The Association has supported the city's management plan for Fort Ward, as well as the Hammond Middle School soccer field (we did object to the lights). We supported the Virginia Theological Seminary in its work to build a new chapel, memory garden and student dorms. The city must rely on its residents in its many and varied neighborhoods to fully understand the subtle implications of city projects, that at-large members of council, with their responsibility for a city of 160,000, could never hope to achieve. We at Seminary Hill Association stand ready to work with those who will work with us to achieve the kind of city we are all proud to live in.

Tom Fulton

Vice President

Seminary Hill Association, Inc.