Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Upcoming Elections

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Upcoming Elections

Residents of Alexandria! Only a few more weeks until an extremely important election is upon us. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, we will be electing a brand new City Council and School Board members for District A. It is our chance to make things right and make some vital improvements to our government and schools.

For City Council, I give two thumbs up for Kevin Dunne. A young, inspiring, extremely hard working individual who will bring fresh ideas to our city, and more importantly, he will listen to us and our desires. He promises to champion financial responsibility while promoting smart growth. He will restore a commonsense approach to government, make Alexandria a leader in innovation, and foster public engagement in the decision making process. He has tirelessly canvassed throughout the city, demonstrating an overwhelming desire to serve our city.

I also enthusiastically support Michele Rief for the Alexandria School Board in District A. A 12-year resident of Alexandria with a PhD in African American Studies and mother of three. She has been an strong advocate for many years to improved state-funding for our schools, as well as improve their condition. She also is a strong supporter for ending "testing to the test" and ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities for all students. She has served on the Alexandria PTA Council and advocates for a safe, healthy, and active learning environment for our kids as well as greater parent involvement. She is especially interested in making the Jefferson-Houston School on Cameron Street all that it can be for students and parents in the area.

Jim Melton