Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Roadway Crumbling

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Roadway Crumbling

Driving the parkway nowadays is either dodging potholes or hitting patchwork that resembles speed bumps. Instead of getting better, the issue grows with former patches being fractured by heat and heavy rains.

More and more of the parkway is blanketed by black patches that clearly are failing. The same is true at Ft. Hunt Road/Parkway — the portion which is Park Service controlled. Even the loop around the park is so fractured along the centerline that bike wheels can get caught in them. Inquiries to our elected officials in Congress go unanswered as do any communications to the National Park Service. One would think that the drive to and from historic Mount Vernon would be treated with more care and attention. Sad to see such a beautiful roadway crumble before our eyes.

MV Chittal