Opinion: Letter to the Editor: This Slope Leads to Safety

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: This Slope Leads to Safety

I am writing in response to Dino Drudi's letter entitled, “Slippery Slope Of Gun Control.” He makes a comparison between what he sees as the city's attempt to "eliminate a lot of cars" by removing a Seminary Road traffic lane and the slippery slope of a claim of "gun safety" by incrementally restricting guns.

So let's look at cars and the slippery slope they faced not so many years ago. Seat belts: The manufacturers and many drivers didn't want them. Now they are accepted and widely used in this country. Back up cameras: Too expensive, now embraced. Staying with cars, you must be licensed to drive one and demonstrate proficiency prior to being the operator. You need insurance, your car has to be registered. Did all these things and requirements eliminate automobile accidents and deaths? No, but cars, drivers and passengers are much safer today.

Don't be afraid of what makes sense. A universal background check bill, a ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines and an extreme risk protective order come to mind.

When an overwhelming percentage of voters want something, it's hard for me to see it as a slippery slope.

John K. (Kevin) Bergen