Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For Health And Prosperity

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For Health And Prosperity

The Green New Deal is an investment in the health and prosperity of all Americans, and it is an answer to an urgent challenge that threatens the very foundation of our society. A national dialogue about modern climate policy is long overdue.

Any serious Green New Deal legislation will involve doing the following jobs at a national scale over the next twenty years: installing new heating/AC systems that use electric pumps in large buildings; installing electric furnaces in factories; repurposing old heat systems; massively expanding capacity for renewable energy, installing solar grids, wind turbines (etc.) and constructing a renewable energy infrastructure; expanding water transportation capacity; installing new permeable pavement on large roads near rivers and bays; building new drainage systems in areas with high flood risk; detoxifying polluted water sources; and technical training programs for workers on all these projects.

Some of these jobs are not high paying in today's economy, but surely we all agree that they are extremely valuable to society at large. That's why Green New Deal legislation will provide sufficient funding to ensure that everyone who works on it is paid more than a living wage.

How would all this be paid for? To start, tax experts concluded that a 1% wealth tax above $10 million on the wealthiest 1% of Americans would generate $2 trillion over 10 years. Also, preventing corporations from storing their money in tax havens would raise about $900 billion over 10 years. These funds would be more than enough for a green infrastructure program.

The Green New Deal will allow millions to live healthy lives, and it is affordable. Without responsible climate policy, all Americans will be hurt by climate change.

All Americans should support the Deal.

Aidan Fielding