Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Helping Shape the Community

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Helping Shape the Community

It is with great pride, along with a tear in my eye, that I send this Letter to the Editor of The Connection Newspapers.

First because of the wonderful article in the June 5-11 Oak Hill/Herndon Connection on Page 9 by Mercia Hobson titled “Memorial Day, Jimmy’s Way.” Mercia hit the nail on the head in her first sentence when she stated that Jimmy Cirrito is a “living legend.” A true Patriot, Jimmy has done more for the betterment of the Town of Herndon over the last 20 years than just about any other business there. I'm proud to have purchased the very first beer at Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern and while I retired some 14 years ago, I continue to make a yearly voyage from the Florida Panhandle to toast Jimmy for what he has become and for the good works he does for the community.

I’m also very proud that while living in the Herndon/Oak Hill area for over 35 years, I helped shape the area as a commercial real estate sales professional for 25+ years. There were many early morning breakfast meetings at Hazel’s in Herndon, which is now Jimmy’s storage building, back in the early ‘80s. When Herndon Parkway was just a dotted-line on the map, I was involved in selling all the land from Elden Street to the hike-and-bike path and then did the first 12 deals in the first office park when it was built.

As part of the many transactions over my real estate career, I also represented the start-up Reston Connection Newspaper in their many office transactions in both Reston and then in their expansion into several other communities in the Northern Virginia area. It’s nice to see that the Connection Newspapers are doing so well after all these years. Wishing you continued success from those humble beginnings oh so many years ago!

Jerry Foster

Navarre, Fla.