Opinion: Letter to the Editor: ‘Our Voice’ Missing

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: ‘Our Voice’ Missing

I was outraged to see that Elizabeth Schultz, my School Board representative, skipped a critical vote last Thursday on the budget. We elect leaders to be there for us, to show up and do job, and at minimum to vote for or against proposals. When it came time for Schultz to be our voice, she instead walked away from the table. To make matters worse, this is the second year in a row she skipped the budget vote. FCPS spends over half our tax dollars; $3 billion total. If Elizabeth Schultz can't bother to be our voice in these important matters, she doesn't deserve to be re-elected. This year I will be voting for Kyle McDaniel who spent 5 years working on our behalf as an aide to Supervisor Herrity where he handled FCPS and budget issues. I know Kyle will show up and do the hard work, unlike our current board member.

Ben Prine