Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Drug-addicted Teens Need Our Support

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Drug-addicted Teens Need Our Support

I am writing in support of the group that purchased three homes near McLean High School for purposes of drug rehabilitation for teens. I am 13 years old, will attend Longfellow Middle School in the Fall, and live in McLean.

I think teenagers who need drug rehabilitation should be able to live in group homes in neighborhoods in McLean. We live in a beautiful and safe community and we should share it with those in need. Drug abuse and addiction is a terrible problem in America. It is also a problem in Virginia and even in McLean. Parents of addicted kids should have a place where they can send their kids for treatment where they know that their children will be safe.

Many McLean residents are fearful that having drug-addicted teens so close to the high school could pose a danger to students at the high school. But the kids at the drug rehabilitation houses will not attend McLean High School. They will be secured in the houses and have private tutors. And kids at McLean High School who choose to use drugs will be able to get those drugs in other ways if they want to use drugs.

Residents are also fearful that groups homes will devalue their property. It's true that living near a group home could make it so others would not want to buy houses in the neighborhood. But I don't see how a drug rehabilitation home is any different than a home for seniors or persons with food disorders and these kinds of groups homes already exist in McLean neighborhoods.

Brayden Stoll