Opinion: Letter to the Editor: New Ways of Being Heard

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: New Ways of Being Heard

Karl Marx was a passionate idealist from nineteenth century industrial era. Factory workers would commit to their jobs despite possible oppression, while their employers oversaw the work environment become increasingly filled with lost souls. This is occurring at a wider scale in today's government, and seen across the world especially in places whose rights don't provide them the same liberties that America has. While trying to reach the government to express a concern, one may find themselves in a never-ending battle with a voicemail, or prerecorded machine. This parallels with Marx and his belief of unequal relationships between common people and their superiors. Hopefully enough people can unite with a similar agony and anticipate change from those who run our lives. Working citizens should be able to express their concerns instead of being consistently turned away. No longer do we have to go on strike to show disapproval with the process. Now, we can use platforms like twitter to voice our opinions in an effort to be heard by our government officials.

Jessica Seppi


James Madison University Freshman