Oct. 1-7 is Active Aging Week: Personal20 in Herndon Invites Adults Aged 50+ for Free Electro Fitness Trials

Oct. 1-7 is Active Aging Week: Personal20 in Herndon Invites Adults Aged 50+ for Free Electro Fitness Trials

Personal20 invites all adults aged 50+ to try free Electro Fitness trials during the week of Oct 1-7th to celebrate the 18th annual Active Aging Week, presented by Humana. Led by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), Active Aging Week promotes wellness to older adults since 2003. This year’s theme – Redefining Active – emphasizes engaging as fully as possible in all areas of life, regardless of health. Along with other organizations around the world, Personal20 is supporting the initiative as a host organization embracing the Redefining Active theme. Their Electro Fitness with the P20 method will be one of thousands of events in 2019 taking place across North America, the United Kingdom and Australia from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, 2019.

Personal20 will be hosting Electro Fitness trials during Active Aging Week Oct. 1-7, 2019. Trials will be free for anyone 50+ who wants to try a joint-friendly strength workout that is highly effective when combining Electronic Muscle Stimulation with a specialized EMS Trainer. The majority of Personal20’s clients range from 45 – 65 with various limitations of discomforts and aches in knees, back, shoulders and/or pre- post- surgery clients with hip replacements, back surgery, etc., once given the OK by their physical therapist.

Electro Fitness is joint-friendly and is used to gain muscle mass and strength. It is a 20-minute full body workout. Training sessions are adaptable regardless of age and fitness level.

“Depending on the fitness level of the individual, very low intensity impulses can be induced. By slowly increasing the intensity of the impulse, unfit individuals and people of elderly age can develop ‘muscle consciousness’, which helps to improve muscle condition quickly and efficiently,” says Connie Ruiz, owner of Personal20 in Herndon.

The studio is located at the entrance of Sport & Health at Worldgate Centre, in Herndon. Schedule a free trial by contacting them at 703-559-4040, visit website www.personal20.com or visit in person.