Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote for Better Transportation

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote for Better Transportation

A vote for Gary Pan to represent the 34th District in the Virginia House of Delegates is a vote to finally resolve chronic transportation issues in our community. Mr. Pan’s opponent sits on the House Transportation Committee and when asked about Northern Virginia representation on the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) at the recent Great Falls Citizens Association candidates’ debate, she ... had nothing (literally nothing) to say. She was tongue-tied. Ms. Murphy should be embarrassed given the amount of money our region sends to Richmond, the role the CTB plays statewide and the substantial needs we have here at home. No wonder the Northern Virginia Technology Council chose not to endorse her. No representation means we have no voice. Gary Pan’s priority is to address years of neglect (and he is actually capable of doing so). Time is up for Ms. Murphy.

Traffic congestion has increased dramatically in the 5 years since she has been in office and we still have tolls on I-66 inside the beltway (despite warnings that she could not be trusted to stop them). The only bright spot is some movement on Rt 7 but only after substantial community pressure and years of unnecessary delays. We need a Delegate that will work for us on the issues that matter most to our community and our quality of life. Not someone who spends all of her time and limited political capital on personal pursuits. Please vote Gary Pan Nov. 5.

Craig Parisot

Great Falls