Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Time to Elect a Fixer

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Time to Elect a Fixer

As a physician who has treated kids in Northern Virginia for more than two decades, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative impact of the availability of high quality health care. It’s also clear that uninsured families and high prescription drugs costs are a fiscal burden on families and means that people receive less timely medical care. The stakes of the 2020 election are crystal clear - do we stay on the same dangerous path of skyrocketing prescription drug costs and constant attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Or do we elect a fixer, someone who has spent his whole career solving problems? The choice is clear: we must elect Mike Bloomberg President.

A Bloomberg Administration would put the focus back where it belongs - on helping citizens like those I care for in Virginia every single day. While the Trump administration has filed multiple lawsuits attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Mike Bloomberg would use the federal government’s bulk price purchasing power to dramatically bring down the cost of prescription drugs. Mike would ban drug company payments to the people who make decisions at pharmacies so drug makers compete on the value of their products — not on the amount of money they pay to get preferential treatment. As a businessman, Mike would also work to increase competition in the marketplace, giving consumers more options at lower costs.

Mike Bloomberg is a trained engineer, a businessman, and a philanthropist who has spent his life solving the big problems facing Americans and I know that if he is elected, he will work tirelessly to reverse the rising cost of healthcare in the United States.

Marjorie Brennan

MD MPH Pediatric Physician