Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Not Above the Law

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Not Above the Law

I applaud the effort of the 12 local state politicians to put the United States Park Police (USPP) on notice that they are not above the law. These Senators and Delegates are asking officials of Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington to look into terminating any Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) that currently exist with the USPP until specific conditions are met. Good for them.

I do have one ask and it is significant and not addressed as far as I can tell. It is that USPP protocols on active pursuit and use of deadly force be included. Perhaps Bijan Ghaisar would be alive today if such a reasonable use of force protocol had been in effect and followed when he was murdered over two and a half years ago. No charges have ever been brought and no meaningful information has been provided. How is that possible?

John K. Bergen