Safe Community Coalition to Launch Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program

Safe Community Coalition to Launch Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program

The Safe Community Coalition is sponsoring a student-led, pilot peer-to-peer coaching program for high school and college students. The pilot program will train 10 high school and college students to facilitate circles with four or five of their peers. Ten peer circles will launch virtually in mid-July and run through early August. SCC is looking for students to join the circles. This is a great leadership development opportunity and will deepen problem-solving, teamwork, inquiry, empathy, and reflective skills.

Circles will use a proven, structured peer coaching method to help circle members with their current challenges, questions, or priorities. Each week a person in the circle will raise their issue of concern and everyone will help them. Each circle will meet four times in July-August for 60-90 minutes.

WeCoach is solely students helping students using a structured problem-solving, peer coaching approach.

The concept for the pilot was hatched by two brothers in our area (one a rising senior at Marshall High School and the other a student at Northern Virginia Community College) who wanted to do something to help kids navigate through the pandemic, and their mom, who is a leader development professional and certified coach. SCC volunteers are supporting the pilot.

If you or somebody you know is a high school junior/senior or college student interested in participating in a circle, contact Adriano at 703-477-4254 or Camillo at 703-401-8471. Deadline is July 1st. If you are a parent and would like more info, call Valerie Lingeman, at 202-276-6116 or email at