Update on COVID in Montgomery County and Potomac

Update on COVID in Montgomery County and Potomac

As of Saturday, Sept. 26, the Maryland Department of Health reported that 22,275 Montgomery County residents have tested positive for Covid-19 and more than 804 people have died.

More than 3,780 people have died in Maryland due to Covid-19 and 122,972 have tested positive for the illness and 347 are currently hospitalized.

In the 20854, Potomac zip code, 565 residents have tested positive and 30 people have died.

The three day average, reported by the Montgomery County Department of Health, included 91 cases in the county, 16 intensive care unit hospitalizations, and 67 hospitalizations. The positivity rate the last three days dropped to 2.8 percent. The percentage of ventilators in use was 26 percent, as of Sept. 26.


By Race

The Montgomery County Department of Health reported that 370 white people have died, 175 Black people have died, 164 Hispanic people have died and 71 Asian people have died. Per 100,000 people, Black people have the highest death rate of 90.9 fatalities/100,000, followed by white people (82/100,000), Hispanic people 79.2/100,000, and Asian people (44/100,000).

By Age

People 80 years and older in Montgomery County have accounted for the highest case rate at 3,854.7/100,000 people, while residents 30-39 account for the most number of cases reported, 4,019. Residents 80 and older accounted for the most deaths of any age group (434) and the highest death case rate of 1,102.8/100,000.