Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Public Meeting About Taylor Run

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Public Meeting About Taylor Run

Sign up to attend Alexandria's virtual public meeting about the "restoration" of Taylor Run at Chinquapin Park and First Baptist Church on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m.

As part of its plans to “restore” Taylor Run, the city plans to cut down at least 269 native trees, a number of which are old-age, including gigantic Red Maple, Tulip Tree, and Southern Red and Chestnut oaks.

Forty-seven Alexandria-rare plants ("critically rare") are threatened by this poorly planned project.

The restoration project will also destroy adjacent wetlands and the habitat for many species of wildlife, including a globally and state rare Acidic Seepage Swamp.

T.C. Williams High School science instructors and students, in collaboration with city nature center staff in past decades, continue to document a healthy and diverse aquatic fauna in Taylor Run, despite the misleading propaganda pushed by city stormwater management.

Alexandria says it needs to “restore” Taylor Run to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. But, the city is far ahead of its requirements to reduce pollution in the Bay and doesn’t need to do any more projects until Phase 3 of the reduction program which runs from 2023-2028.

I believe each person is allowed only one question, so be sure to submit additional questions and comments as well when you register. Remember, these stream construction projects are ubiquitous in the region and the problems with each are universal. Illuminating problems with Alexandria's projects helps focus and inform similarly flawed projects in neighboring jurisdictions.

Register here: http://apps.alexandriava.gov/Calendar/Detail.aspx?si=32295.

Environmental Council of Alexandria fundraiser to hire independent experts to review the city's so-called stream restoration plan for Taylor Run, including providing viable and proven, non-destructive alternatives: https://www.gofundme.com/f/cpk557-help-save-taylor-run.

Vineeta Anand