Cicada Stroll Bingo!

Cicada Stroll Bingo!

Cicadas return in 2021: Play Visit Fairfax's Cicada Stroll Bingo Card & win prizes! Details here:

Cicadas return in 2021: Play Visit Fairfax's Cicada Stroll Bingo Card & win prizes! Details here:

This spring, Fairfax County and parts of Northern Virginia will be among the regions of the Mid-Atlantic states that see millions of Brood X cicadas emerge from 17 years of living underground. These periodical cicadas rise to the surface to shed their shells, find a mate, lay eggs, and die, after fulfilling their mission in life. And since Virginia is for Lovers, Fairfax County is celebrating this season of love by encouraging curious visitors to witness this rare event with a fun-filled Cicada Stroll Bingo adventure and giveaway.

The Brood X cicadas are expected to begin emerging from the ground in early May, with peak emergence in the Northern Virginia area happening towards late May and early June. While the greatest concentration of cicadas may be found in natural settings, they will be visible in enormous numbers throughout the region as this particular brood is one of the largest insect emergences in the world.

Visit Fairfax, the official tourism organization of Fairfax County, has created a fun-filled Cicada Stroll Bingo Card that encourages visitors and locals to look for and snap photos of cicadas in various settings around Fairfax County.

A sampling of these spots include:

• Cicadas Near the Water, where cicadas may be trying to cool down at one of Fairfax County’s waterfront parks like Great Falls, Burke Lake, or Pohick Bay.

• Cicadas on Public Art, where cicadas may be posing at the colorful murals at Mosaic or taking in the sculptures along Reston’s splendid public art trail.

• Cicadas at Historic Sites, where cicadas may be soaking up some culture learning about George Washington at his Mount Vernon estate or checking out Sully Historic Site.

• Cicadas at a Brewery or Winery, where cicadas may be looking for the perfect mate to flirt with over a locally poured beer or a crisp glass of Virginia wine.

Bingo players can upload at least two photos from their completed Bingo Card to Visit Fairfax’s image library for a chance to win a Cicada Care Package filled with fun items, including a custom cicada facemask. Winners will be randomly selected beginning in May. The bingo card and more information can be found at

“While some may view the arrival of the Brood X cicadas as a nuisance, we here at Visit Fairfax choose to look at it as an exceptional opportunity for visitors and residents to witness one of Earth’s most remarkable natural occurrences – and have fun at the same time,” said Barry Biggar, President & CEO of Visit Fairfax.

Whether visitors are curious onlookers, cicada enthusiasts, or science and insect aficionados, this periodical cicada brood emergence offers a memorable way to take a getaway this spring. Fairfax County’s 100-plus hotels, hundreds of restaurants featuring spacious and safe indoor and outdoor dining experiences, and the region’s incredible swath of cultural attractions and parks are ready to welcome travelers to the area. For more travel tips and trip planning resources, visit To learn more about Fairfax County’s COVID-19 precautions and travel tips, please visit