Aldrin Elementary School pictures and more!, part II

Aldrin Elementary School pictures and more!, part II

Tanvi Prashanth, grade K

By: Hirsa Bhattal        

                                                         My Feline Friend

                                                               Purrr… My feline friend is so much fun!

                                                                We play together in the sun.

                                                                 Beautiful, fierce, and fragile.

                                                                 But still a little wild!

                                                                  It is so much fun to spend

                                                                   Time with my feline friend!

There Is A Tree

Jake Todd



there is a forest,

and in that forest,

there is a tree. That tree

could be decorated by you

and me. Outside in a forest we

could have a lot of fun. Will you go

outside with me, and decorate a tree?

On that fateful day we will pray because

people have told,that today he was born. On

that fateful day we will come together as family

as friends, and as people. Our time together

will be jolly. Outside in a forest, there is a tree,

that will be celebrated

by you

 and me.


Bright white,

blinding with a glow.

Cold but fluffy,

lumpy but smooth.

                Grab your coats and gloves,

and get ready to move.

Make sure your overalls are tight and your boots are big.

There’s snow outside,

It's waiting for you,

far and wide. 

Then everybody’s out, 

having a snowball fight, 

sledding down huge hills,

building snowmen left and right.

Playing and having a blast,

Building snow igloos, 

Until at last! 

Everyone heads home,

the people and their dogs, 

and we warm up and dry off,

next to the crackling fireplace logs

Movies with family and friends

And then it all ends,

and you go to bed.

 The Round Table

Joseph Admasie-Breslin

As I sat

At the table for the young squires,

I grimaced

Knowing I may never

Get the privilege of sitting at the round table,

For queens and kings and knights.

As I watched

My parents and older brother

Feasting at the feast of the first snow,

I felt that I had been cursed

To sit with the children

And eat among the young ones


As they feasted

I had to live knowing

I was over the age of twelve,

But I was still being denied

The ability to sit where I belonged.

And in my mind, I raged.

I saw something from the corner of my eye, 

It was father

Gesturing me over

As if it was my great knighting,

A ceremony for the ages!

As I ate,

I made a promise

That I would never forget my young allies

while I enjoyed the round table. 


Holy Days, Holidays

Lakshmi Porkodi Thiruvadi Kannan

The holidays are here

Our family and friends are near

A time and a place

In which happiness

And discoveries


The Hannukah’s light

Shines bright

As snow that is white

Reaches us


Some celebrate this Festival of Lights

On the eight nights

Of Hanukkah

The bright lights

are lit

Honoring the  good over the evils

The Diwali’s light

Shines bright

As snow that is white

Reaches us as…

As friendly friends and family happily

Gather and celebrate

With toys and joy

The star’s light

Shines bright

As drops of joy

fall from the sky




Kitty, kitty don’t go out, 
witches are flying all about.

Skeletons rise up from the ground,

They walk about on Halloween night, 
you see them and think “what a fright”!

Ghosts fly all around…... 
you hear a “WHOOSH”!

And surely faint 

The Tree

Molly Growney

A tree.

That is it,

A tree.

Nothing more

Nothing less,

Just there

Sitting in front of a fireplace.

Ornaments you put up days after Thanksgiving.

Presents under it that you would open in the morning.

The smell of your grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie.

The sound of your favorite classic christmas carols playing.

And the snow falling from the sky outside the window.






 It’s that time again!

Natalie Richards

It’s the time when you snuggle up with hot cocoa

It’s the time when you go outside and play in the snow 

It the time to be thankful for everyone you know 

It the time to be thankful for everything you own

It’s the time to see family 

And it’s time to see friends

It’s time to celebrate with fireworks and food

Now let's not wait anymore to get into the mood


By Rabya Gulati

Breathtaking pizza

Pineapples on my pizza

So rich in my mouth

Remembering it!!

So good aliens want it!

I’m craving it!!


I’ll eat pizza everyday


             A poem made by Riyan Sayyad

          I’m thirsty, a lot, and I need water

                                Right now

  I rush to get my water bottle and drink up fast

                           I lose my balance and…


                           It fell all over me, that's not a thrill.

I’m at school and I drink milk. I cough and then… spill! I am covered in anger, and go outside. I spill my milk on a hill.

I drink up soda from the soda machine.

And guess what… SPILL!

This is getting less fun. It’d be better to grill up the soda.

I'm back home from the mess. I take a shower, and I accidentally open up the curtains… spill! I'm starting to feel ill...When I'm done, I cry up high. My mom asks me why? I say everything, about the milk, soda, water, and shower. She laughs and says, i need power! Then I remember, I woke up at 5:00 in the morning. No wonder I keep spilling, I'm sleepy!

So i sleep 



I wake up, now there’s no spills. This is finally, getting to a thrill!

The Lights

By Samantha Culver

The lights.

The lights during the holidays glow

and I feel cozy

as if I was in a cottage

with a fire lit in a brick fireplace.

As I walk down my street

with my warm Ugg boots,

I notice a small house

and in a window

I admire the Christmas lights

sparkling on the Christmas tree,

giving me a rush of joy

like as if I just won the lottery.

I continue my walk

The menorah sitting

in one of blue house's windows

with candles lit that make me feel hope

as if i just scored my first goal in soccer.

The kwanzaa candles

everywhere in one house

 gives me a boost of pride

just as if I got a four on my test.

When I step into my friend's house

and see my family and friends,

that's what really

lights me up.

My Paper, Very White

Sophia Shelley

It sits where it fits.

It fits where it sits.

Floaty blankness, like the snow slowly settling outside.

I squirm in my seat,

Tapping my feet,

Wondering how to get off of this educational ride.

I stare out the window,

My brain squishy like dough,

And I daydream of the holiday spirit coming alive.

Songs filling my head,

I think of the day ahead,

And a great dinner with family at five.

The classroom is bleak,

The atmosphere here is weak,

And most people look thoroughly distracted.

It’s the great holiday season,

So I don’t see the reason,

Of school being held in December.

But I guess

If not held, we’d be an educational mess

So I just continue to wait for good ideas to remember.

A poem by me,

What a fantasy,

But ideas will come-



My paper, very white.

It sits where it fits,

And it fits where it sits.

Like the snow, ready to excite.

Swim Meet

By Willow Light

I wake up early.
Stretch my hands 
             Feel the air.
The presser 
      Rises in my stomach
               Thoughts racing through
                                My head faster than
                                         I can swim.
 I snap out of it.
  Get dressed.
  Hop in car.

Engines start.
Before I can say a word 
           I find myself
               Behind the block
                    Ready to race.

I get on the block,
I hear my friends 
Cheering for me,
Supporting me.
       But then I come back to reality.

 I hear the beep.
        Legs push off the
              End of the block
                    Sending me into 
                The air finger
                    Tips touch the
                        Surface of the
                               Water then,
I fall,
Finally able to rise to the surface.
I take a stroke.
I feel ALIVE.
Gliding through the water 
Faster than words can say,
And before I know it, 
       I find myself,
           On the podium,
                Meddle around my neck.

I finally feel satisfied.