Upcoming Actions on Enhanced Gun Safety Legislation in Virginia

Upcoming Actions on Enhanced Gun Safety Legislation in Virginia

Del. Patrick Hope (D-47), who chairs the House Public Safety Committee, said after gun safety bills passed subcommittee today, that on Friday the full committee will be taking up legislation to continue to prevent gun violence.

  • HB 1992, sponsored by Del. Kathleen Murphy, would impose penalties for the purchase, possession, or transportation of firearms following conviction for assault and battery of a family or household member. This bill will allow for the Commonwealth to enforce federal law, and help to limit potential gun related fatalities resulting from domestic disputes.

  • HB 2276, sponsored by Del. Marcus Simon, would prohibit the manufacture, import, sale, transfer or possession of plastic firearms and unfinished frames or receivers and unserialized firearms. This legislation would address the critical and emerging threat posed by so-called “Ghost guns” and 3D printed guns.

  • HB 2295, sponsored by Del. Mark Levine, will prohibit any person from carrying a firearm or stun weapon within Capitol Square and the surrounding area, as well as into buildings owned or leased by the Commonwealth. Crucially, this legislation will codify the House and Senate Rules prohibiting firearms from the Capitol building and grounds. This is especially important in light of recent events in Washington, D.C.

“This legislation is another important step in our efforts to protect families in Virginia from the epidemic of gun violence that has ravaged our communities” Hope said.