‘I Hate Surprises’

‘I Hate Surprises’

Pat Miller birthday party benefits Domestic Violence Safe House

 Pat Miller hates surprises. And she especially hates being the center of attention. So naturally her friends in Del Ray thought a surprise birthday party would be the perfect way to show their appreciation for the decades of contributions Miller has made to the Alexandria community.

“We really, really wanted a chance to celebrate Pat and her birthday,” said Gayle Reuter, who organized the Aug. 21 surprise party at Pork Barrel BBQ that also served as a benefit for the Alexandria Domestic Violence Safe House. “We thought if we asked her friends to bring donations for one of her favorite nonprofits, she can’t get mad at us.”

Miller was told she was needed to attend a meeting for the Del Ray Business Association.

“I thought I was going to a Turkey Trot meeting,” said a surprised Miller. “I walked in and heard people start singing Happy Birthday. So of course I turned around and shut the door.”

The Domestic Violence Safe House provided a list of much-needed items and Miller’s friends were only too happy to comply. Miller opened gifts for the safe house that included gift cards, Trac phones, towels, bedding, clothing and pots and pans.

“Yes, I hate surprises but this has been a good surprise,” said Miller, a Living Legend of Alexandria and founder of the long running Art of the Avenue arts festival in Del Ray. “I am so grateful for what everyone has done to support the safe house.”

For more information or to donate to the Alexandria Domestic Violence Program, visit www.alexandriava.gov/DomesticViolence

“I thought I was going to a Turkey Trot meeting.”

— Pat Miller on her surprise birthday event benefitting Domestic Violence Safe House