Sully Police Warn Residents about Thefts in Centreville

Sully Police Warn Residents about Thefts in Centreville

Thieves are swiping airbags, jewelry and catalytic converters.

Police Capt. Rachel Levy

Police Capt. Rachel Levy

Local residents are being advised to be on the alert for airbag thefts from their vehicles, as well as people who’ll try to steal their jewelry. During last week’s meeting of the Sully District Police Station’s Citizens Advisory Committee, Capt. Rachel Levy and MPO Sabrina Ruck updated residents about these current crime trends in the Centreville/Chantilly area.

“Particularly in the Little Rocky Run area, we’ve been receiving reports of several thefts of airbags – especially from Hondas,” said Levy, the station commander. “The areas targeted are where cars are parked out on the streets.”

“So we recommend using The Club, or a similar device, to lock your steering wheel and prevent thieves from doing this,” said Ruck, the station’s crime prevention officer. “They want to be in and out of your vehicle quickly and won’t want to take the time to cut through it.”

Levy also noted that airbags cost about $1,500 to replace. Saying that criminals are striking these cars in the early-morning hours, she urged residents, “If you see someone loitering, call us. We’re increasing patrols, and our midnight officers are aware of what’s going on, but we can’t be everywhere at once.”

In addition, she alerted people to be on the lookout for jewelry scammers. Last Tuesday, Nov. 8, said Levy, “Someone approached a woman outside Costco and tried to show her some fake jewelry. And while she looked at it, they stole her own necklace from around her neck. It’s happening around the county, and it’s something to be aware of.”

The station’s community outreach officer, MPO Meg Hawkins, noted, as well, that because of the continuing problem of thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles, G&C Tire and Auto Service will hold another etching event. It’s slated for Saturday, Dec. 10, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at 14008 Willard Road in Chantilly. 

“Thieves are primarily targeting Priuses and work trucks and vans,” said Levy.

Catalytic converters are stolen due to the valuable metals contained within them. Once removed, they’re hard to trace and expensive to replace. During the free event at G&C, special, anti-theft labels with unique codes that’ll etch each vehicle’s catalytic converter will be applied. This service will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis; no appointments are necessary.