Fire Prevention Week in Lorton

Fire Prevention Week in Lorton

Plan your escape.

Newly dedicated Fire and Rescue Station 19, in Lorton, hosted an Open House on Saturday, Oct. 15 in observance of Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 9-15. The annual event is intended to help members of the public, at all ages, learn how to stay safe in case of a fire. Fire Prevention Week was started by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in 1922 to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Public education about lifesaving measures can drastically decrease casualties caused by fires. 

And as a few young members of the public discovered, it can be fun to learn about life saving techniques.

Firefighters of Station 19: Pat Bebereia, 3 years experience, Stafford; Brian Krause, 7 years, Baltimore; Guadalupe Flores, 8 days, Fredericksburg; Jason Peterson, 10 yrs, Lorton; Jason Kim, 13 yrs, Centereville.

Rookie firefighter Flores, just 8 days out of the Fire Academy, has seniority over Benjamin Eggleston, 4 years old of Lorton, who has only a few minutes on the job 

Benjamin Eggleston, 4, asked about the fire truck after taking the wheel, says “It looks great.”

Fire truck equipment at Lorton’s Station 19 kept at the ready and looking “great.”