Pig & Oysters & Twirling Around

Pig & Oysters & Twirling Around

What’s not to like at the Doorways barbecue?

 It was a sell out crowd for the 14th annual Doorways Pig and Oyster Roast fundraiser held at Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company on Thursday, May 4. The 90-pound roast pig had been smoking for 12 hours, and Joel Robinson was first in line to taste his shredded meat basted with barbecue sauce and served up by Rigo Marques. 

Others lined up for a few of the 800 oysters smoked for five minutes over hickory chips and doused with champagne, butter, tarragon leaf and red onion. Attendees grabbed a pale ale, and loaded up on all of the Rocklands trimmings —cornbread, coleslaw and baked beans and found a seat at an outdoor picnic table. 

Maddie Faires grabbed Caroline Porras and swung her around in circles until they both got dizzy and needed a break before starting all over again. The event raised $7,500 to support Doorways programs including shelter, housing and services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Their services include families and individual survivors of all genders as well as youth. 

Sell out crowd for Rocklands fundraiser Thursday night