Full Conversation Requires Money on the Table in Fairfax County

Board intends to keep options open by advertising tax increase.

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Budget Brinkmanship in Virginia

Lawmakers poised to leave town without passing budget.

Budget showdowns are rare in Virginia, but not unprecedented. Back in 2004, Gov. Mark Warner clashed with Republicans over a sales tax increase. Then in 2014, Gov. Terry McAuliffe engaged in brinkmanship over expanding Medicaid. Now lawmakers are poised to end the session once again without passing a budget.

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Extracurriculars: Secret Sauce of Success in Fairfax County

Superintendent’s budget eliminates barrier of $50 activity fee.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: No Guns in the Classroom

Gun safety is an American value.

Commentary: Reconciling Bills, Ignoring Gun Violence

Week in Great Falls

Town Hall Meeting to Focus on Budget

Celebrating 30 Years at Bishop Ireton

Music Director Christopher Tomasino also works with The Little Theatre of Alexandria.

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The Next Shooting

Alexandria schools, police, and city government working to prevent school shootings.

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T.C. Williams Students Organize Day Against Gun Violence

Area schools also participated by wearing ribbons and school colors of Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School.

Commentary: How To Slow the Spread of Opioid Addiction