Reinvigorating Virginia’s Economy

Virginia is well on its way to economic recovery for many families, but working families across the state are telling me and other legislators that they feel like the recession never ended. Even in Northern Virginia, home to some of the wealthiest localities in the country, too many families struggle to earn enough to pay for basic necessities despite having full-time jobs.

Editorial: Baby Steps, Not Enough

Supervisors should take action, not defer to “outside expert,” on absurd and outrageous behavior of police department.

Finally, now that the Fairfax County Police Department has taken stonewalling into the arena of the absurd, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has at least said it is time for change. It is a step, but a step that continues the appearance of obfuscation if not outright obstruction.

Building a New Virginia Economy

Candidate Terry McAuliffe campaigned on a platform of “building a new Virginia economy.” His theme clearly resonated with voters who elected him and with those who were concerned with Virginia’s sluggish recovery from the Great Recession. Following his campaign closely, I was impressed with his grasp of the issues and his commitment to resolving them. With his usual exuberance, the Candidate and now Governor made clear that he broadly defines the elements of a new economy.

Ethics Reform Tough in Virginia—Despite McDonnell

There is a lot of talk in the media that serious ethics reform could happen in this session of the Virginia General Assembly. Don’t count on it! Too many legislators regard special interest gifts as entitlements. While they profess to support limiting “tangible” gifts to a minimal value and more reporting, they fiercely guard their rights to certain gifts which supplement their incomes.

Letter: Volunteer for the Games

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I love this community. There are so many ways to serve a community as diverse and as vibrant as ours. I recently competed in a special election to succeed Congresswoman Comstock. While I came up short in the vote count, largely due to the unfortunate weather on Election Day, I am as inspired to serve as I was on that day. My passion to serve others only strengthens with each pursuit.

Letter: A Silent Crisis

To the Editor

Hunger is a silent crisis in the USA. Every day, children in every county in the United States wake up hungry.

Letter: County Shouldn’t Spray Against Fall Cankerworm

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to a recent letter to the editor about Fairfax County’s Fall Cankerworm Insecticide Spraying Program.

General Assembly Underway

The General Assembly convened for its annual session on Jan. 14. Although the session scheduled to adjourn at the end of February is termed “the short session,” it will have a full agenda of opportunities and challenges.

Letter to the Editor: Giving Pets a Loving Home

To the Editor: It is evident that the influx of cats and dogs in shelters is a problem. With so many animals and not enough families to adopt them, a solution needs to be implemented to decrease the population being brought in.

Editorial: Happy New Year

Focused on community.

Happy New Year. We need your help in 2015. As local, weekly newspapers, the Connection’s mission is to deliver news readers need close to home, to help readers enjoy great local places and events, to advocate for community good, to call attention to unmet needs, to provide a forum for dialogue on local concerns, and to celebrate and record milestones and events in community and people’s lives.

Fairfax Cops Block Geer Killing Investigations

Finally some of the smoke is clearing. Sixteen months after unarmed John Geer was killed standing in his doorway by an unidentified Fairfax County Police officer we are getting an explanation of the wall of silence surrounding his death. In response to an inquiry by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney (prosecutor) Raymond Morrogh revealed why he failed to complete his investigation into Mr. Geer’s killing and took the unusual step of passing the case to the U.S. Attorney (U.S. Justice Dept.) a year ago.

Redistricting Remains an Issue

Although the drawing of legislative district lines is supposed to take place each decade after the federal census, the controversy over where and how lines are drawn keeps the issues alive every year. Most recently a federal court declared the current Congressional district lines in Virginia invalid because the way the lines are drawn discriminates against minorities being able to get elected. Essentially the black population is packed into one district.

Letter to the Editor: Fairness for All – the Lake Anne RELAC Decision

To the Editor: As we turn the calendar to a new year, some of our Reston neighbors will be facing an important vote in January that affects their summertime comfort. Covenant 15 of the Reston Association Deed requires 343 households to use the 50+ year old Reston Lake Anne Air-Conditioning Corporation cooling system (RELAC), unless they receive an annual medical exemption -- a nightmare when the unit goes up for resale.

Letter to the Editor: Hateful Tweets Call for Action

To the Editor: I would like to applaud the Reston Connection for its coverage of FCPS Superintendent Garza's meeting with concerned parents on Dec. 3 (“County Superintendent Listens to Reston,” Connection, December 10-16, 2014).

Letter to the Editor: Taking Exception on Express Lanes

To the Editor: An article was recently published in your newspaper discussing the new I-95 express lanes (95 Express Lanes Open, The Connection, Dec. 18-24, 2014). One statement in the article read, “Construction manager for the project John Morse, of VDOT, said that the addition of a third lane will solve a number of problems and give people options other than waiting in traffic.”