Editorial: Fostering Connections, Faltering

Why are federal dollars acceptable for roads, but not for helping foster children?

While there is plenty of competition for the title “most vulnerable,” foster children are certainly among them.

Letter: Who Pays for a Mistake?

To the Editor

So the agreement was reached to pay John Geer's family just under $2.95M for the mistake of a police officer. My heart goes out to the family.

Column: Bringing Champions Together


In my 20-plus years in Special Olympics I still, on occasion, make the same mistake. I miss the boat. I underestimate the abilities either cognitive or physical of our Special Olympics athletes; athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Letter: Community Grieves For Homicide Victim

Letter to the Editor

Bonnie Black, 42, an Arlington County resident did not live far from me — only blocks away. She was the victim of an apparent homicide, and her body was discovered on April 17, 2015 in her home.

Column: Institutional Stress

The ship of state of the Old Dominion that traces its beginnings to a meeting of the colonists in the church at Jamestown in 1619 showed some stress lines last week as the legislative body, the General Assembly, turned a one-day reconvened session to consider the Governor’s amendments into two days of meetings with incomplete results.

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Editorial: Connection Papers Win Awards

Variety of coverage honored at annual Virginia Press Association conference.

On Saturday, April 18, a group of journalists from the Connection Newspapers traveled to Roanoke for the annual Virginia Press Association event to collect awards for business reporting, government writing, writing about health, science and the environment, feature writing, sports writing, column writing, obituaries, cartoons, entertainment pages and writing, public safety writing, editorial pages and writing, page design, informational graphics and more.

Column: Veto Session on Ethics, Voter ID, Government Surveillance


Last week, we returned to Richmond for the annual Reconvened or Veto Session where we considered about 20 vetoes and 60 Governor's amendments to various bills. First, Governor McAuliffe signed the state budget we passed so there were no budget amendments to consider for the first time in my six sessions. However, that did not speed things up.

Letter: Police Oversight Board Needed

Letter to the Editor

As a lifetime resident of Mt. Vernon District, and a Mt. Vernon appointee to the Fairfax County Human Services Council (HSC), I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting and volunteering on behalf of Mt. Vernon and Fairfax County residents.

Letter: Waterfront: Ample Public Input

Letter to the Editor

Kathryn Papp’s April 16 letter to the editor “No Longer 2006” perpetuates many incorrect and misleading statements about the city’s Waterfront Small Area Plan.

Letter: Rationale of ‘Preferred Site?’

Letter to the Editor

The City of Alexandria is going to choose its newest "potential income generator," the Potomac Yard Metro Station. Just two choices merit consideration if the city chooses to continue with the Metro Station proposal.

Letter: Greatest Show On Earth

Letter to the Editor

It's finally here — the augur of the rites of spring — the greatest show on earth, well no, not the circus, well maybe, but I was thinking of the final budget vote due this week.

Letter: Which Yesterday?

Letter to the Editor

On Saturday, April 18, Mayor Euille voiced his support for the plans offered by EYA at the Robinson Terminal South site along the waterfront.

Letter: A Fresh Approach

Letter to the Editor

On Tuesday, June 9, citizens will have the opportunity to elect the Democratic Party’s candidate to be the next Mayor of Alexandria. There are three choices: incumbent Mayor Bill Euille, Former Mayor Kerry Donley, and Vice-Mayor Allison Silberberg.

Column: Legislature Upholds Governor’s Vetoes


Last week, members of the General Assembly returned to Richmond for the 2015 veto session — the annual wrap-up that concludes our legislative cycle. We voted on the governor’s vetoes and amendments to bills that were passed in January and February. We made progress in many ways — but I believe we missed opportunities to strengthen our ethics laws, protect Virginians’ privacy, and at long last close the health care coverage gap.

Letter: Deeply Scarred by a Raccoon

To the Editor

As dusk came the sky was a heavy mixture of black and large slowly counter-clockwise rotating swirls of light gray.