Letter: Counter-arguments Missing

I recently read the Reston Connection article, "What's Offensive about Redskins Pride?" (July 2-8, 2014) and found it lacked balance. Where were the counter-arguments (in favor of changing the name of the team)? I didn't see any and they're necessary to make a debate credible.

Letter: Understatement of the Decade

Letter to the Editor

Delegate Plum may be granted a modicum of exultation, although his commentary "Silver Line No Silver Bullet" (Connection, July 2-8, 2014) could well qualify as the understatement of the decade. He recognized from the outside that Rail to Dulles would be a costly venture for Toll Road users, boasting in cost mitigation of having lobbied successfully in Richmond to "keep tolls down."

Letter: Dog Training - Chasing Lulu

Letter to the Editor

Krazy for K9s 4H club is a group for children 9 through 19. It’s a fun, free club for anyone in the age range that has a dog and wants to train it. We do many activities at different destinations, like Give Together Day, the 4H fair and Reston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Letter: Enable Public to Listen, Watch

Letter to the Editor

Letter: $44 Million Monstrosity

Letter to the Editor

Column: Changing of the Guard at Reston Citizens Association

The recent Reston Citizens Association (RCA) Board election, although it received little media coverage, was an important event for Reston.

Column: The White House of Virginia

Even then and until today, I find it fascinating to stand in a place of importance.

Letter: Understatement of the Decade

Delegate Plum may be granted a modicum of exultation, although his commentary "Silver Line No Silver Bullet" (Connection, July 2-8, 2014) could well qualify as the understatement of the decade.

Letter: Counter-arguments Missing

I would think that one goal of sports organizations is to bring people together, not divide them.

Not That I’ll Ever Be Out, But…

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” Although this quote is from Michael Corleone from “The Godfather: Part III,” it very much characterizes my daily struggle being a terminal cancer patient; non small cell lung cancer, NSCLC, is like that, almost always. Even though I don’t want to think about the fact that I have cancer, or not let it affect my judgment on life – or perspective; or let it impede my path to a happier existence, more often than not, it does.

Editorial: Hurray for Full Day Mondays

Hoping that later start times for high schoolers follows quickly.

For decades, Fairfax County schools have sent elementary school students home after half a day on Mondays. This was never a good idea, and it has been more damaging to family schedules and student learning with the increase over the years of two-income households and greater economic diversity.

Letter: Restore Invasive Management Funds

A letter to the editor

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Commentary: Area Nonprofit Guides Entrepreneurs to Start-Up Success

For many working poor, the challenges of conquering the barriers to education, childcare and transportation are too great to overcome. Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS), the nonprofit known for providing food and shelter, health and dental access, and Head Start programs for more than 36,000 local residents a year, also is working to alleviate poverty with its innovative entrepreneurship program.

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Letter: Safe, Sober And Sensational

To the Editor

Letter: Academics: Most Important Focus

To the Editor: Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has instituted a great number of innovative programs at T.C. Williams that target students who are struggling academically by giving them the support they need to earn their diplomas.