Letter: GFCA Letter to Supervisor Foust - Opposing Brooks Farm Rezoning

To the Editor

I am writing on behalf of the Great Falls Citizens Association (“GFCA”) regarding the pending rezoning and cluster development application for the Brooks Farm property, submitted by Basheer/Edgemoore-Brooks LLC (RZ 2014-DR-022).

Letter: For the Benefit of All, Fairfax County Needs a Meal’s Tax

To the Editor

For the strongest education for our children and for economic prosperity, Fairfax Co. must pass a Meal’s Tax.

Mount Vernon Letter: Evaluating Appointees

Letter to the Editor

I understand Supervisor Dan Storck is in the process of drafting a "Statement of Commitment" for all Mount Vernon appointees to boards, authorities and commission to ensure appointees are more available and responsive to residents of Mount Vernon, including Supervisor Storck's guidance and standards for serving in such positions.

Mount Vernon Letter: Grateful for Performers

Letter to the Editor

I am a long time supporter of Alice's Kids, a local charity that provides targeted financial assistance to needy children in the hopes of enhancing their self-esteem.

Mount Vernon Column: Make Donations of Healthy Food


This week, I want to take a break from writing about policy and make a short important announcement regarding a dire need in the Mount Vernon-Lee area.

Alexandria Letter: Lack of Bike Lane Use

Letter to the Editor

On June 12, 1911 land in the Rosemont Neighborhood of Alexandria was deeded to the Rosemont Development Company.

Alexandria Letter: Disregarding Citizens?

Letter to the Editor

In addition to suffering through some ill-fated decisions by this City Council, we are now seeing end runs without any public discourse whatsoever.

Alexandria Letter: Hidden Agenda Behind Project?

Letter to the Editor

Meetings for the construction/remodeling of the Patrick Henry Recreation Center (PHRC) began around 2004, headed by the Patrick Henry Parent Advisory Board.

Alexandria Column: Staying Healthy, Staying Happy

Commentary–Senior Services of Alexandria

The President has declared May to be both Older Americans and Mental Health month, making it a perfect time to focus on promoting the mental health of older adults. It is estimated that 20 percent of people age 55 years or older experience some type of mental health concern.

Alexandria Column: Rooftop Drama


Brendan Barb knew that becoming an Animal Services officer for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) would be a challenge.

Commentary: Stop County’s ‘One Size Fits All’ Zoning Proposal

In the next few months, the Board of Supervisors plans to approve a “one size fits all” zoning ordinance amendment that would guide redevelopment throughout the urbanizing areas of the county for decades.

Commentary: America’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts …

... Hollow victories for public accolade.

Each day there is more media on the human trafficking scourge in America with heart-wrenching stories about women, men, and children who are forced, defrauded, or coerced into exploitation.

Letter: Families’ Contributions Appreciated

To the Editor

As we always tell our families there is no contribution too small that it would not warrant our gratitude and, in the case of this year's effort, mention on our train.

Letter: Merely a Thank You

To the Editor

A recent letter (“The Money Train,” Reston Connection, April 27-May 3, 2016) expressing concerns regarding Reston’s Lake Anne Nursery and Kindergarten’s (“LANK”) current annual giving campaign has deeply saddened me as a parent of the school and as a native Restonian.

Commentary: Racial Diversity in the Virginia Justice System

A group of attorneys, the Virginia Coalition for Racial Diversity in the Justice System, earlier this year brought to the attention of the community and the General Assembly that “there is a glaring, longstanding, and inexcusable lack of racial diversity amongst sitting judges, prosecutors, and public defenders in Virginia's criminal justice system.”