Letter to the Editor: Opposing the Pipeline

To the Editor Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has proposed that, in four years, a 550 mile natural gas pipeline, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, be built throughout Virginia. Although Virginia will house most of the pipeline, it will also travel through North Carolina and West Virginia. McAuliffe boasts that thousands of jobs will be created and sustained by this pipeline.

Letter to the Editor: New Level of Accountability

To the Editor: As a Christian, I believe we are all made in the image of God - and that means every life matters. However, our justice system is currently sending black people the message that their lives do not matter the same way that others do.

Letter to the Editor: Giving Pets a Loving Home

To the Editor: It is evident that the influx of cats and dogs in shelters is a problem. With so many animals and not enough families to adopt them, a solution needs to be implemented to decrease the population being brought in.

Letter: Parisot will Stand with Vets

To the Editor

To the Editor: Selfless service to our great country is the highest honor and privilege anyone can have, and it is an invaluable background for an elected officeholder to have.

Column: On the Agenda

One of the most frequently asked questions of me this time of year is, “What will the General Assembly be doing when it meets?” The question is understandable with the regular session of the legislature scheduled to begin on Jan. 14, 2015.

Letter: Thankful for Support

To the Editor

To the Editor: To the McLean, Vienna and Great Falls communities: The Woman’s Club of McLean would like to express its gratitude for supporting the club’s 48th annual Holiday Homes Tour and its MarketPlace.

Commentary: Helping People without Homes

The weather has turned colder and the holidays are in full swing, which means it’s the time of year when people ask “what can we do for the homeless now that it’s so cold?” Or “how can we help the homeless have a good Christmas?”

Editorial: Holidays Are for Giving

In the scramble to finish Christmas shopping, remember tens of thousands of local children are short of food as well as presents.

The holidays are for giving. Christmas and Hanukkah are about children and family, about sharing, about joy, about being thankful and about faith and appreciation. Here in Northern Virginia, many of us see few signs of families in need as we go about our daily lives and holiday shopping. Our neighborhoods are largely segregated economically; we mostly see the people who are most like ourselves economically.

Commentary: Changing Society’s Perception of Sexual Assault

Recently, headlines across the country involved another sexual assault tragedy. This time at the University of Virginia. While a great deal of controversy surrounds this latest story, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that stories of sexual assault are filling our newspapers all too regularly.

Editorial: Make a Plan, Talk About It

Here is help in keeping impaired drivers off the roads.

The holiday party season is upon us, and with it an increase in drinking and driving. It’s up to you to make a plan to get home safely.

Letter to the Editor: The Story My Grandma Told Me

To the Editor: This summer, I visited Bangladesh, the country where my parents grew up, for the first time in six years. When we visited the small village where my father grew up and my grandparents still live, my grandmother told us stories about the immense poverty in which most of her neighbors were living, including the story of one man whose wife was very ill.

Commentary: A Legislator's Holiday Season

The multiple celebrations that make up the holiday season bring travel, big meals, and family and friend reunions. For state legislators the end of the year and the holidays bring an additional dimension: preparation for the next legislative session.

Column: Senators Weigh In on Fairfax Police Killing

We have positive developments in the still unexplained slaying of John Geer by a still unidentified Fairfax County police officer on Aug. 29, 2013. Fairfax Police Chief Ed Roessler refuses to release the shooter’s name or any information. Commonwealth Attorney Ray Morrogh, who is responsible for investigating police criminality but is usually more a mouthpiece for the cops, declined to investigate at all. Citing a mystery conflict of interest, he passed the case to the U.S. Attorney.

Alexandria Letter to the Editor: City’s Priorities?

Not only can North Old Town now boast a new monstrosity — the Harris Teeter with its garish gigantic red neon illumination — but this new red light district is going 24/7. This in a neighborhood with quite a few individually owned restaurants, some of them cozy fixtures of decades, three blocks away from the waterfront. Already during a hearing at City Hall, another onslaught on local culture, food trucks, was opposed not only by restaurant owners but also by many of their patrons

Alexandria Letter to the Editor: Enough Arch-O-Speak

If you have ever suffered through a hearing before the Board of Architectural Review (BAR), whether it be for the Old and Historic District or the Parker Gray District, you may have been surprised at the strange rhetoric used by many of the board members, especially the architects.