Editorial: Counting Homeless; Solution Is Housing

Results of the annual census of homeless show progress, persistence of the problem, and some worrying trends.

On the night of Jan. 28, 2015, there were 1,204 people who were literally homeless in the Fairfax County area.

Letter: Oak Tree Planting Program Underway

Letter to the Editor

The Great Falls spring 2015 Legacy White Oak planting program is underway now, as described in this week's Connection (“Legacy White Oak Project.) There are options for planting trees in local parks as well as at homes, schools, churches and businesses.

Column: Improving Economic Equality for Women


I have been surrounded by strong women all of my life. My grandmother was a suffragette, economics professor, labor leader, and advocate for most of her 98 years. My mother is famous in the intellectual disability community for her work with the ARC. One of my four incredible sisters has been CFO in our family business for a generation. My oldest daughter shares management responsibilities for our largest store, and my wife has long been a powerful voice for women in business.

Letter: Thoughts on Wellbeing

Letter to the Editor

Thanks so much for the Connection's “Wellbeing” section. I think the wellbeing efforts in our community are a serious benefit to us.

Tease photo

Cartoon: Budget

“...And, one lil’ol slice for momma.”

Letter: ASF: Worthy Of Support

Letter to the Editor

The director of development for the Alexandria Seaport Foundation’s letter to the editor in the March 26 issue of the Gazette Packet advised us of the relocation of the ASF from the Robinson Terminal warehouse to the “little red-roofed building” floating at the foot of Queen Street.

Letter: Fund Law Library

Letter to the Editor

The following open letter was addressed to Mayor William D. Euille.

Letter: An Idea To Gnaw On

Letter to the Editor

I speak for the neglected and now about- to- be displaced beavers of the George Washington Parkway.

Letter: Fiduciary Responsibility

Letter to the Editor

Thanks to Vice-Mayor Allison Silberberg for speaking out against the outrageous proposal of selling City Hall [“Selling Alexandria’s City Hall,” Gazette Packet, April 2].

Letter: Pot of Gold?

Letter to the Editor

When I opened my April 1 edition of the Gazette Packet and read the article entitled “Selling Alexandria’s City Hall,” I assumed that the newspaper was paying homage to April Fool’s Day. Reading on, I found that the article was chronicling a real City Council debate — one held on March 17.

Letter: Costs of Development

Letter to the Editor

Councilwoman Del Pepper likens opening a new fire station without any firefighting equipment or firefighters to opening a library without any books as if she and her colleagues were somehow disinterested bystanders, instead of the elected officials in charge of an incompetent city government which lets this happen.

Letter: Focus Attention On School Buildings

Letter to the Editor

Citizens of Alexandria, I have written several articles in this newspaper not only to inform you of what is happening in the city but also to raise your ire on important issues so you will take action. I have a confession to make I have been holding out on you. I have been hoping that things would change, however things have not changed and they are spiraling out of control and the whole academic and economic well being of our city will be affected unless we act. Put away the partisan politics; we have no need and no time for that nonsense. Here is the story.

Letter: Non-Stop Spending

Letter to the Editor

The City Council-created mega-spending tsunami has begun. Unless you and your neighbors replace this mayor and City Council with fiscally sensible people and demand the city charter be changed to impose a spending restriction on our elected officials, there is nothing you can do about the enormous wave of debt soon to engulf you. Pointless even to hold on to your wallet.

Letter: Not a Priority

Letter to the Editor

Last Tuesday night over 100 members of the Mt. Vernon community met with Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA), in efforts to prioritize funding in their upcoming two year transportation budget for the widening of Route 1 from Jeff Todd Way (Roy Rogers) to Napper Road (Costco).

Letter: ‘Conscience’ Held At Bay

Letter to the Editor

At the behest of a friend, I paid a recent visit to the Fairfax GOP webpage fairfaxgop.org/nomination/ – the link entitled “Nomination Process Information” is displayed prominently on the committee’s homepage – and from the outside looking in, it does seem rather certain the Fairfax GOP has (either inadvertently or deliberately) omitted Virginia House District 44 from this year’s “call for candidates.”