Letter: Bipartisan Support

Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor published on Aug. 12 under the headline "Diversity And Politics" includes several errors of fact regarding the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that beg for correction.

Column: Time to Encourage Reading

For many of us summer vacation provides a time for our families to enjoy time off from the school year grind, and allows children to participate in fun outdoor activities. However, during summer break, some children fall behind in their academic achievements, which can lead to steps backward in a child’s education. This is especially true when it comes to reading.

Column: B.D. Versus A.D.

If my experiences as a cancer patient/ “terminal” “diagnosee” are at all typical, then the following generalization might in fact be true: certain situations and/or feelings that were once tolerated before diagnosis are nearly impossible to tolerate after diagnosis: traffic, waiting in lines, rudeness, compromise, sacrifice, delayed/deferred gratification, to list just a few. Life becomes so much more precious, that wasting some of it – or the perception of wasting some of it – on unpleasant, unrewarding, aggravating, stressful, menial tasks, obligations, duties, etc. becomes almost too much to bear; on a consistent basis, anyway.

Letter: Problem Solver

Letter to the Editor

Now in my mid-70s, I have never voted for a Republican but I intend to vote for Bob Wood, a smart and personable candidate for City Council

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Letter: A Life = Future and One’s Future = Vision

Letter to the Editor

Law enforcement and the judicial system is based on the belief that all people are to be treated equally.

Letter: Price of Borrowing

Letter to the Editor

Whether these letter writers realize it or not, when they proudly point to Alexandria’s municipal bond rating, they haven’t read the fine print or connected the dots.

Letter: What’s Meant By ‘Farm?’

Letter to the Editor

These comments are in response to the article on Whitehall Farms. While it’s easy to love chickens, corn mazes and veggies, the reality of “farms” is quite different. Wineries, breweries and liquor distilleries are all considered “farms” too.

Column: Keeping Up to Date

My experience is that the annual summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) provides the best continuing education I can get as a legislator.

Letter: Diversity And Politics

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: My father, an African American pastor of over 40 years, and local legend in Northern Jersey, reputed for many firsts including being the first African American State Chaplain for the New Jersey National Guard, but also the man who brought Bishop Fulton Sheen to address a meeting of the American Baptists Churches, used to often rephrase the words found in Romans, stating, “The good that I would, I don’t.”

Letter: An Angel In Disguise

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: On July 13, 2015, I was driving to Reagan National Airport to pick up my son when I noticed the low fuel light was flashing.

Letter: Looking for Information

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Alice Elizabeth Langley Hsieh was a relative of mine. Her father was Ernest and mother Edna Jockers, a sister Edna Langley. Alice died in 1979. Has anyone knowledge of her or her family?

Editorial: 'Our Community Deserves Better'

Strongly worded recommendations for police on transparency and public trust; FCPD has miles to go.

Outrage over the shooting death of John Geer of Springfield on Aug. 29, 2013, by a Fairfax County Police officer led the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to form of the Ad Hoc Police Practice Review Commission, which began meeting in March 2015. The Communications Subcommittee was the first to give recommendations to the full commission, and the report pulled no punches.

Column: Back on Track

Having reread last week’s column a time or two now, I’ve realized that I neglected to update you regular readers – especially those of you who read my most recent pre- and post-scan columns: “Abyssful” Ignorance and Scant Know For Sure Anymore – on the previous week’s scan results. Once again, I have defied the odds – maybe statistics would be a better word?

Letter: Much To Be Done

Letter to the Editor

I am asking Mr. Morrogh, again: Why has it taken your office 18 months to finally convene a grand jury to look into the John Geer shooting?

Lette: Adaptive Reuse of Ramsey Homes

Letter to the Editor

Next month, City Council will consider the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority appeal of the Parker Gray Board of Architectural Review’s unanimous denial of its request to demolish the 15-unit scattered-site public housing complex in the Parker Gray historic district, known as Ramsey Homes.