Letter: Displeased with the Headline

To the Editor

I was deeply displeased to read that your newspaper decided to use "The Importance of Including Everyone" as your headline for Tim Peterson's article about the Fairfax County School Board's vote on including gender identity to their nondiscrimination policy.

Commentary: Transit Means Business!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped off my Prius for service at a dealership near the Spring Hill Station on the Silver Line and caught the Metro for a one-stop trip to the Greensboro Station.

PTSD Treatment: Symptoms or Souls?

After the showing of “American Sniper,” the audience around me at our local theater — perhaps like yours — remained silent. It lasted long minutes before people quietly rose and shuffled out. I think we were sharing heartbreak.

Editorial: Voting, June 9

No, not for Hillary or Jeb or Carly. Locally, June 9, 2015 is an Election Day that counts.

To listen to the national news, one would think that the next Presidential election is in November. But no. That’s November 2016.

Letter: Take a Moment to Remember Fallen Troops

Letter to the Editor

I hope that Americans will take a moment from whatever they are doing this Memorial Day to remember our fallen troops.

Column: Up and Down and All Around


No. That’s not my stomach talking.

Tease photo

History Lesson: Spring Bank During the Civil War

In the pedestrian area next to Richmond Highway between the Pizza Hut restaurant and the Kings Crossing Shopping Center is a Virginia Historical marker for the Union army defensive forts once in this area of Mount Vernon. All are gone except for Fort Willard, a Fairfax County park in the Belle Haven community. The largest was Fort Lyon located where the Huntington Metro Station is today.

Column: Major Paving Operations Set to Start this Summer in 44th District


As the weather warms and we approach the summer, it also means that we are approaching the road mowing and paving season in Northern Virginia, and good news is coming for the 44th District.

Column: In Contrast


Even though my previous CT Scan “looked good,” nonetheless I am already, two months out, thinking about my next scan, scheduled for July 15. I am not nervous or anxious about it yet. But I am something.

Column: Lull before the Storm

If the Virginia political scene seems to you to be quiet at the moment, stick around for we may just be experiencing a lull before the storm. There are elections every year in Virginia, and at this point in the voting cycle there are numerous state and local offices on the ballot this fall.

Column: Looking Ahead to the 2015 Elections in Fairfax County

When we go to the polls in November, the ballot will include not only our state legislators, but also the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (Chairman and 9 district supervisors) and School Board (12 reps-9 district members and 3 at-large).

Letter: Enough for Status Quo

Letter to the Editor

After receiving the second phone call from the Euille campaign wanting to know if I have any concerns that the mayor needs to know about, I have to wonder what took him so long to ask.

Letter: Acclaimed New Field

Letter to the Editor

On my way home from church early Sunday afternoon, I noticed a soccer game in progress on the newly constructed Jefferson-Houston playing field, so I went across the street to watch Cal-Berkeley play Yale.

Letter: Complicating Factors

Letter to the Editor

The City of Alexandria is leveraging its full faith and credit to issue about $200 million in debt to pay for construction of the Potomac Metro station.

Letter: Need Money To Fix Streets

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria’s streets have suffered through two harsh winters that have caused a rash of potholes throughout our city. Even with a hasty campaign of spring patching, things remain rocky.