Letter: Predictable Obsession

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria “Mayor and Developer for Life” Euille’s write-in campaign for the upcoming November elections has brought out revealing comments from former mayor Kerry Donley and others in their corner.

Letter: Consider School Board

Letter to the Editor

The school year has started and as many Alexandrians are getting to know the student’s teachers and principals, they should also be getting to know their School Board members as well.

Letter: Reason for Leaving Democratic Committee

Letter to the Editor

Earlier this year when I decided to run in the primary for delegate, I did so as the next step in my decades-long commitment to our city and to ensuring every member of our community can participate fully in our economy and society.

Commentary: Importance of Ad Hoc Commission’s Role

Letter to the Editor

Mr. Chairman and distinguished members of the commission, Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce is honored to provide testimony on the practices and policies of the Fairfax County Police Department to facilitate the discussion of this commission.

Letter: What Changes Have Been Made?

Letter to the Editor

The Black Lives Matter folks were rude and disruptive at the police review commission hearing last week, but they spoke the truth and I hope county officials heard them.

Letter: Praising League For Forum

Letter to the Editor

I attended the "meet and greet" last Wednesday held by the League of Women Voters at the Sherwood Hall Library.

Letter: What Happened To One Alexandria?

Letter to the Editor

If Bill Euille is trying to repeat what Republican Frank Mann did in the early ‘70s, and win a write-in campaign for mayor, he has a big challenge ahead of him as Frank Mann only needed 4,122 to win a May Election.

Letter: Closer Look Needed for Artificial Turf

Letter to the Editor

I am 20-plus year resident of Potomac living within a few miles of Bullis, and I have long admired your campus.

Letter: School Board’s Responsibility

Letter to the Editor

The Arlington County School Board's first priority must be ensuring that it provides a first class education to every enrolled student.

Column: Treatment Denied Syndrome

Natasha McKenna’s blood is on all of our hands.

Natasha McKenna did not die from excited delirium. She died from Treatment Denied Syndrome.*

Column: Helping Create Safe School Environment

Back to school month is a great time to talk with children about important issues that develop during a typical school year.

Column: Tradition of Keeping Voters Informed

Virginians can access state government programs and services through a single internet portal, www.virginia.gov that is nationally recognized as one of the best among the states.

Letter: Two Different Sets of Rules?

Letter to the Editor

We write in full support of the Parker Gray Board of Architectural Review’s denial of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) request to demolish Ramsey Homes and urge City Council to deny ARHA’s appeal.

Letter: Enormous Challenges

Letter to the Editor

Since high school at T.C. Williams, Bob Wood has demonstrated the many qualities of leadership, high moral character, positive interactions with people and competency in all endeavors.

Column: Importance of Senior Planning


Families change. People get married. Some people stay married and some people do not.