Column: Solar Coming to Reston—At Last?

Independent Progressive

Do you ever wonder why there seem to be almost no solar panels in Reston? You’d think that this generally progressive planned community inspired by visionary Robert Simon would in fact be a leader in using solar technology.

Column: Slow but Steady Course of Human Rights


Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment [ERA] was already being hotly debated in the Virginia General Assembly when I became a member of the House of Delegates in 1978.

Commentary: Responding to the Zika Threat

There have been 50 reported cases of Zika in Virginia, all linked to foreign travel, as of early August.

Last week, for the first time ever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was forced to issue a domestic travel warning to pregnant women planning to visit Miami, a popular getaway destination.

Editorial: Laser Focus on Safety

While Metro lapses can’t be excused, it’s much safer than driving; maintenance-related safety issues also plague area bridges and roads.

Intense scrutiny on the safety and maintenance record of the Washington region’s Metro system is resulting in continuing revelation of lapses, and ongoing inconvenience with repair schedules shutting down entire lines and the end of late night service.

Column: New I-66 Exit Lane for Route 28


The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will use the overhead, electronic signs on I-66 to implement a dedicated exit lane from westbound I-66 to northbound Route 28 during morning rush hours.

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Alexandria Column: Inspiring Greatness

Event highlights importance of community, respect and love.

On a warm Friday night in June of this year, The Untouchables male youth organization of Alexandria hosted, what could possibly be, its first annual Lock-In. The young Untouchables and several mentors spent the night at the Charles Houston Recreation Center. The chosen theme for this event was "Inspiring Greatness."

Mount Vernon Letter: On Right Side Of Environment

Letter to the Editor

As the headlines on the devastating impacts of climate change in our country and worldwide hitting the media, we wonder whether our legislators are doing enough to address this issue.

Mount Vernon Column: Beat the Heat, Visit a Museum


Normally, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, but with record-setting heat broiling the region, many of us may be looking for indoor activities. Thankfully, Mount Vernon and Lee residents have access to several local museums that can help us escape the heat and learn more about our interesting history.

Mount Vernon: A Musing

My wife and I are members of a local yacht club, which sits on land that was once a part of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate.

Column: Helping Make Democracy Work

My internship in Supervisor Cook’s office.

In recent months, a good deal of attention has been directed towards the ongoing race for the White House.

Editorial: An Open Letter to Readers and More

Buy an ad in our annual Newcomers and Community Guide, please.

Has your organization been featured in the Connection Newspapers, or the Alexandria Gazette Packet or the Mount Vernon Gazette or the Centre View or the Potomac Almanac?

Alexandria Column: Providing Some Tips for Back-To-School Shopping

From The Old Town Boutique District

It just about time for those school bells to start ringing once again. To get you and your family ready for the new school year, here are some tricks and trends to help guide you through back-to-school clothing shopping.

Alexandria Column: Why Mentors Matter

Commentary–The Urban Alliance

Think back to that first “real” job you had.

Alexandria Letter: Solve Tour Bus Issue

Letter to the Editor

Isn’t it about time that our great city solve its current tour bus crisis by banning tour buses on our old and narrow streets in the Old and Historic District?

Alexandria Letter: Time for Hard Choices

Letter to the Editor

What will it take to get Council to understand — and act — on the fact that their cycle of spending more money than we have — to pay for discretionary services we cannot afford — and then raising taxes — is killing our city?