Column: The Top 20: A 2015 Legislative Summary – Part II


This is Part II of my column regarding the Top 20 legislative highlights from the 2015 General Assembly session. Last week, I discussed the top 7. Here are the rest.

Letter: Be Part of the Solution

Letter to the Editor

The schools in the Mount Vernon and Lee communities are scheduled to receive $150 million worth of renovations and facility improvements over the next five years.

Letter: Hold WMATA Board Accountable

Letter to the Editor

The Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority (WMATA) which runs Metrorail and Metrobus recently called off its executive director search after three finalists withdrew and the board deadlocked over priorities in the face of continuing fare hikes, deteriorating service and deadly safety lapses.

Letter: Desperate Measures

Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor

Column: Surrounded by History, Inspired by Legacy

Delegate reflects on freshman year in Richmond.

It has been scarcely two months since a snowy day in January when voters in McLean, Great Falls and Sterling chose me, in a special election, to represent them in the Virginia House of Delegates. Since then, everything has moved at warp speed!

Letter: Considering Women Leaders

Letter to the Editor

"Is your dress Valentino or Chanel?" This is the burning question for the potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as she embarks on a political campaign trail for the 2016 elections.

Letter: Amazing Compassion

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Recently, my 12-year-old grandson played in a year-ending basketball game in Chantilly. A boy with an intellectual disability was playing for the opposing team.

Letter: Why Oppose Improving School Food?

Letter to the Editor

For a local take on a subject of national interest, the School Nutrition Association’s powerful influence is being felt in Annapolis. In response to proposed legislation to improve the quality of food in Maryland’s public schools, officers from the Maryland Chapter of the SNA came out to testify against these bills.

Editorial: On Police Information and Secrecy

Time for change in public access to police information.

The first meeting of the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission will take place next Monday, March 23, and it comes with hope for real change.

Column: Small Step on Long Road to Ethics Reform

Virginians deserve to know that their leaders are ethical and honest, both from their actions and the rules that govern those actions. For the second year in a row, the General Assembly has taken a small step in the right direction, but our Commonwealth needs real and substantive change.

Column: The World Comes to Fairfax

World Police & Fire to be held in Fairfax County this summer.

From June 26 to July 5, Fairfax County will host the 16th World Police & Fire Games. This international event—one of the largest of its kind—will attract between 15,000 to 30,000 visitors from all over the world, and will feature over 12,000 police officers, firefighters, customs, and correction officers competing in over 65 different sporting events.

Letter: Business As Usual?

Letter to the Editor

So you want to be elected/re-elected to Alexandria Council and Mayor.

Letter: Taking Control

Letter to the Editor

Several months ago I wrote an article in this publication asking “Who are the constituents of our law making body, the City Council?”

Letter: Milestone for Folk Music

Letter to the Editor

Focus Alexandria is one of the many arts providers in Alexandria that fly under the radar screen.

Storck Sets Meeting Hours

Fairfax County School Board Member Dan Storck will host Saturday Community Office Hours.