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Fairfax: Connect or Not Connect?

Commission hears two hours of testimonies, mostly against 164-foot monopole in Fairfax neighborhood.

William Stefan asked the Fairfax County Planning Commission to pardon his nerves, evident in his voice as he talked about his Fairfax home of 23 years.

Snowzilla Summit Ahead

Board names Fairfax County Animal Shelter for Michael Frey.

“What a difference a week makes,” said County Chairman Sharon Bulova (D), in case anybody had moved on from the 29.3 inches of measured snow at Dulles Airport during last week’s blizzard.

Reston: South Lakes, Storm Water and Collaboration

RA approves funding for independent study of stormwater flows between Cedar Cove Cluster and Wakerobin Lane.

When the Board of Supervisors approved a 40,000 square foot addition to South Lakes in October 2015, Terry Maynard of Reston 20/20 emphasized a failing stormwater management plan for the adjoining neighborhoods of Wakerobin Lane and Cedar Cove.

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McLean: Saving the Community Hall; Preparing for Closure

McLean Community Center likely to be closed for renovations in 2017 from April through November.

The McLean Community Center’s Central Financing Committee transformed a week of public worry into a probable solution for the center’s beloved and well-used Maffitt Hall community room.

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Brooks Farm: Decision Awaits in Great Falls

Planning Commission scheduled to make recommendation on proposal for 20 homes this week.

Twenty one hours and 37 minutes after he started his day on Thursday, Jan. 21, Great Falls Citizens Association president Eric Knudsen told the county’s Planning Commission the importance of Great Falls to the entire county and to the Chesapeake Watershed.

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Reston: What's Coming?

Sites and developments to look at in Reston area.

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Oak Hill/Herndon: What's Coming?

Sites and developments to look at in Herndon area.

Sites and developments to look at in Herndon area.

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Great Falls: What's Coming?

In the pipeline for Great Falls ...

Several times a year, the Connection will map coming land use issues; to let us know about projects we’re missing, email

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Outlook: New in McLean

An occasional series on development and land use in McLean.

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Best of Reston Winners Announced

Honorees for silver anniversary event announced.

More than 750 people attended last year’s Best of Reston Awards for Community Service.

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