Mount Vernon Letter: Ospreys Up Close

Mount Vernon Letter: Ospreys Up Close

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


Osprey nest viewing returns.

In 2013, I installed a camera in the osprey nest behind my home and established a web page where those interested in these birds could view their activities. In June 2015, a severe thunderstorm resulted in lightning strikes that destroyed the wireless transmission link between nest and computer. At that time, our osprey parents were raising two chicks and it was not possible to access the nest to perform repairs. As such, the web page went dark for the remainder of 2015.

New equipment has been installed including a higher quality camera which includes infrared lighting for night viewing and the web page is now operational. Since 2013, the web page has enjoyed almost 20,000 visitors. We anticipate arrival of ospreys within the next week or so and hope the community enjoys the opportunity for a close-up view of the life cycle of beautiful raptors. The web page is accessible at

H. Jay Spiegel

Mount Vernon