Sports: Thunderbolts Defeat Riptide

Sports: Thunderbolts Defeat Riptide

In its second meet of the NVSL Division IV season, the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts hosted the Virginia Run Riptide and secured another team victory with a final score of 235 -185. Continuing his streak, DR swimmer Charlie Greenwood broke another DR team record again this week beating his own former record with a time of 39.12 in the boys’ 11-12 50 breaststroke.

Double individual race winners for Donaldson Run were: Ryan Clark (girls’ 8 & under 25 back and 25 fly): Rachel Conley (girls’ 9-10 50 free and 25 fly); Sean Conley (boys’ 13-14 50 free and 50 fly); Charlie Greenwood (boys’ 9-10 50 breast (DR team record) and 50 fly); Grace Jansen (girls’ 11-12 50 breast and 50 fly); Ella Rigoli (girls 13-14 50 back and 50 fly); Charlie Taylor (boys’ 11-12 50 free and 50 fly); and Jack Tsuchitani (boys’ 11-12 50 back and 50 breast).

The team’s single winners were (in order of age and event): Cole Montgomery (boys’ 8 & Under 25 free); Thomas Rodman (boys’ 9-10 free); Emily Brooks (girls’ 15-18 50 free); Elsa Leichty (girls’ 11-12 50 back); TJ Hutchison (boys’ 13-14 50 back); Andrew Rehr (boys’ 15-18 50 back); Drew Harker (boys’ 13-14 50 breast); Anna Trainum (girls’ 13-14 50 breast); and Grace Motta (girls’ 15-18 50 breast).

Winning DR relay teams included: Bran Kaplan, Charlie Greenwood, Thomas Rodman, Will Taylor (boys’ 9-10 medley relay); Scarlett Bennett, Diya Redburn, Rachel Conley, Coco Rigoli (girls’ 9-10 medley relay); Hank Holley, Jack Tsuchitani, Charlie Taylor, Hayden Stolzenberg (boys’ 11-12 medley relay); Elsa Leichty, Grace Jansen, Julia Sherinian, Margaux Harms (girls’ 11-12 medley relay); TJ Hutchison, Drew Harker, Henry Rehr, Sean Conley (boys’ 13-14 medley relay); Andrew Rehr, Huck Browne, Harrison Rehr, Andrew Meighan (boys’ 15-18 medley relay); Emily Brooks, Grace Motta, Emma Hutchison, Sarah Conley (girls’ 15-18 medley relay); Jack Tsuchitani, Charlie Greenwood, Sean Conley, Andrew Meighan (boys’ mixed age relay); and Grace Jansen, Rachel Conley, Ella Rigoli, Emily Brooks (girls’ mixed age relay).