Letter to the Editor: Proven Record

Letter to the Editor: Proven Record

I have never been so proud of being apart of the City of Alexandria as I have been under the leadership of our Mayor Allison Silberberg. She does cares about the citizens of our city. She does not just show up — she has a proven record of accomplishing change in Alexandria for all residents. I am looking forward to seeing the great work that she can continue to do if we re-elect her. Mayor Silberberg has truly earn the title the People's Mayor. Every time I come into her presence she is warm, friendly and kind to all those that she meets, and welcome us all in her presence. She includes us in the process. She cares about our input, our voices and concerns are heard as she makes decisions for the citizens that will impact our lives and the culture of this great city that we call home.

Prior to voting for Mayor Silberberg when she initially ran for mayor I decided to do some research about her if I was to consider voting for her as our mayor.

I came across this video from an interview that she did with ESAT: Insight with Allison Silberberg( Ethiopia). (ww.youtube.com/watch?v=1BqbJLiYTOc)

This interview speaks volumes of who Allison Silberberg really is and why our city should re-elect her as our mayor.

Ethel Carol Talley