Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Easy Decision

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Easy Decision

This election season in Alexandria, much attention has been focused on the race for mayor, pitting two Democrats against each other. To my mind the choice couldn’t be clearer. I am supporting incumbent Mayor Allison Silberberg.

Her people-centered politics is much-needed in our city. During her time as mayor, Silberberg has actively sought and encouraged input from the people of Alexandria. And she understands the importance of accountability of elected officials. Early in her tenure, she pushed for a permanent standing committee on ethics to provide guidance to city officials and their appointees as well as field relevant complaints from residents. Sadly, the council pushed through a watered down version.

When it comes to affordable housing — an issue that is top of mind for many seeking to find an affordable place to live or retain their current homes in Alexandria — Silberberg supports dedicated funding for housing, including a 1 percent increase in the meals tax that will largely be paid by those outside of the city who dine at our restaurants.

These are just some of the reasons that I support the re-election of Mayor Allison Silberberg and urge others to join me.

Sammie Moshenberg