Arlington Chamber Applauds County Approval

Arlington Chamber Applauds County Approval

In a March 16 press release, Arlington Chamber of Commerce supported the Arlington County Board’s unanimously approved package of incentives for Amazon’s new headquarters:

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce commends the Arlington County Board for its unanimous vote to approve the performance agreement for Amazon's new headquarters in Arlington. Approving this agreement is a powerful statement that Arlington is open for business and a magnet for innovation in all sectors. The establishment of Amazon's headquarters offers Arlington a unique occasion to strengthen our economy, to create opportunities for residents, and to improve the County's fiscal position.

"We are creating opportunities for residents and businesses by welcoming Amazon to Arlington," said Kate Bates, president & CEO of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. "The community as a whole will benefit from the jobs, economic activity, and innovation that Amazon will bring to Arlington."

"As an Arlington resident and business owner, I am confident that Amazon's new headquarters will promote success for our entire community," said 2019 Chamber Chair Greg Hamilton of Arlington Magazine. "The County Board's approval of the performance agreement is a positive signal that our government supports economic development and the local business community."

Amazon's commitment to Arlington will help balance Arlington's economy, making it less reliant on the Federal government. The gradual addition of 25,000-37,850 private-sector jobs will replace the 24,000 jobs lost in the Crystal City area over the past two decades. Arlington Economic Development's incentive package is groundbreaking, with 95 percent investing directly in the community's housing, transportation, and infrastructure. The direct financial incentives to Amazon will not divert funding from other priorities, and rely on our hoteliers to grow their businesses for Amazon to receive these payments.

In the months since the announcement, Amazon has shown they want to be a part of the Arlington community. Amazon is already engaging, joining the Chamber and meeting with businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to build long-term relationships. Amazon's Director of Community Engagement met with more than 50 leaders from Arlington nonprofits at a Chamber-hosted gathering, and senior Amazon team members have attended many community events. Amazon's culture values making direct change; with today's vote we look forward to the prospect of thousands of innovative people participating in our community, which is now Amazon's home as well.

"This is an historic moment for Arlington," Bates said. "We look forward to working together as a community to seize the opportunities that welcoming Amazon affords to all of Arlington."