Parajon Proposes FY 2023 Budget

Parajon Proposes FY 2023 Budget

General fund increases to $830 million.

Alexandria City Manager James Parajon presented City Council with a proposed fiscal year 2023 General Fund Operating Budget of just under $830 million during council’s Feb. 15 meeting at City Hall.

The $829.9 million budget proposal represents a 7.7 percent increase over the current year and includes $248.7 million to fully fund the request made by Alexandria City Public Schools.

“The values and strategies in this proposed budget align with those that have been in place for several years,” Parajon said. “It includes policies and actions that underscore careful financial management; strategic investments in current and future needs; and support for innovative ways to deliver essential services to maintain the health, safety and quality of life for all Alexandrians.”

Parajon also presented the city’s 10-year Capital Improvement Program for FY 2023–2032.

The $2.73 billion CIP includes $497.8 million for continued support of ACPS facilities, including a new high school, renovation and retrofitting of the 1705 N. Beauregard St. office building for a swing space, and renovation and expansion of two elementary schools.

“The values and strategies in this proposed budget align with those that have been in place for several years.”

— City Manager James Parajon

While Parajon’s proposal omits any mention of a tax increase to fund ongoing budget operations, City Council has requested “Plan B and C” budget options that propose one- and two-cent tax rate increases per $100 of assessed value, if needed, to fund additional initiatives.

Parajon will make a virtual presentation of the proposal to the public on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. Nine work sessions will be scheduled throughout the spring for review with a special public hearing scheduled for March 7. A tax rate add/delete hearing will be held April 23 with final budget adoption scheduled for May 4.

All sessions are open to the public and will be recorded and available on the city’s website. The public may either submit comments online, speak at the public hearings or submit questions to be answered during the town hall.

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