It’s Time for Affordable Solar Energy in Virginia

It’s Time for Affordable Solar Energy in Virginia

Letter to the Editor:

The climate crisis is no longer an issue of the future, it is the here

and now – and thousands of young Virginians are stuck between wanting to take action and finding affordable and realistic solutions. As a

Virginia native and renter living in Alexandria, I know firsthand this

struggle and the feelings of frustration that come with it.

That’s why it’s imperative that the Virginia House of Delegates pass SB1266, which would lower Dominion Energy’s minimum monthly bill for solar power to make renewable energy more accessible to low-income Virginians and renters.

With the call to pass SB1266, I also call on the Virginia House of Delegates to pass SB1083, which would expand the shared solar program to customers in Appalachian Power Company’s territory. Currently, roughly half of Virginia’s population cannot utilize residential rooftop solar due to lack of ownership, excessive shade, and insufficient roof space, among other reasons. By passing SB 1083, solar energy would be more accessible and make our energy transition more equitable by increasing the number of Virginians who can implement this sustainable technology.

In the wake of President Biden’s recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, billions of dollars are now available as incentives to help Virginians transition to clean energy, including for shared solar projects like this one. For young Virginians to thrive, the House must take action.

We are the generation that will feel the effects of climate change the most severely, and it’s critical that we do all we can to create a better, more equitable solution for everyday people to fight the climate crisis. That’s why NextGen America is organizing in Virginia, and throughout the country, for climate action. Virginia is ready to expand solar, and we need to see bold leaders take actions that represent our vision for the future.

Camden Weber